You buy most of your games new?

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Questionmarktarius 3 years ago#31

User Info: SMASHKING84

3 years ago#32
Like 90% of them

User Info: Venom3D

3 years ago#33
I prefer to buy my games new. I'll buy used if the game is hard to find, out of print, or I'm boycotting the publisher or developer.

User Info: SnipeStar

3 years ago#34
i buy them new or digital
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User Info: DrunkenWhale

3 years ago#35
About 90%.

If I buy used, it has to be good quality - no scratches and no wear. Save data isn't a problem because I usually delete it.

I'd say 100% but most of the games I've bought lately are games that I've sold in the past and I want to play again.
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User Info: asa667

3 years ago#36
depends, if i preorder it, obviously i will buy new, and its a game i almost 100% know for sure i will like, like i did with my dark souls 2 CE, if a game has a sweet ce i might buy day 1.... every now and again, i take a chance on a new game ip..... but its usually a once a year thing.... dead island, rage, dishonored, and watch dogs have been those in recent years.

but i usually ebay new games, if gamestop is cheaper (usually is for most 7.99 or less games) i'll buy used.... other exceptions would be buying new "preorder" Collectors editions new at gamestop to save money.... holiday 2012 i bought a dark souls CE "new" for 19.99 (which were selling for 35-40 bucks on ebay used).... other exceptions would be sealed ebay auctions, where people ask more for used ones (usually when its a more rarer game on ebay) or if its cheaper to buy new at gamestop (it happens sometimes)

if i had to guess, i buy new maybe 7.5-10% of the time.
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User Info: Zeus

3 years ago#37
For the 3DS? Yes.

Other consoles? Varies by what I can get in terms of pricing. Ps2 and older titles are almost exclusively used. ps360 depends on sales/clearances

The only reason I've bought new for the 3DS is that I can often get the games cheaper new than used.

Retail only of course,

Meaning what? Offline brick & mortar? Then almost nothing, since I most often buy from Amazon.

User Info: Limen123

3 years ago#38
For Nintendo games, always new. For the club Nintendo codes. Every other game, if retail, needs its case. Doesn't matter if new or not.
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User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#39
Megaman Omega posted...
Rat_a_tat posted...
I buy every game new if I can help it
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