Is fantasy life really plot heavy?

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User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#21
CuriCurry posted...
Are you enrolled in any courses or anything? I would start that way. Look into investing in the Genki books. Volumes 1 and 2 are pretty much all you'll need to understand Fantasy Life minus the new vocabulary you will run into.

Start mastering hiragana, katakana then kanji. Again, the Genki books will help with your pacing so you're not looking at too much kanji at one time.

If you have a smartphone, specifically an iPhone, look into the app called Japanese. It's an offline dictionary where you can create your own lists of vocabulary words and has preloaded lists with various subjects including common words for all levels of JLPT. Other apps include Anki and Obenkyou is highly regarded on Android.

For grammar, look into Tae Kim's Grammar Guide. It's nice as a portable reference. Grammar is extremely important to understand and is usually written in hiragana.

For an online website, I've tried and for beginners, it's a great study tool. It's a bit limited as some features are behind a pay wall but still usable for beginners or even those who need a refresher.

I think it's great that you're using video games as a way to learn the language but I highly suggest hitting the books first. Sure you'll learn fun vocab but without mastering the basics, you will not get far.

Just my opinion but I think you'll get much more satisfaction from studying first and then going into video games to actually apply what you've learned. It's a great feeling to sit down and actually play through a game without referencing anything.

Will try the said apps here.No I am not enrolled in a course and I am currently finishing my degree. The course offered in my Uni involves a full degree and I dont know if they offer courses for the sake of learning only Japanese. I will try to find anyone here and see if they could teach me.

I receive a lot of suggestions for a particular book but they said it is hard to procure the book outside of Japan. I do have some books on basic overall JP, kana workbooks, a basic kanji book and the joyou kanji reference plus anki, jsho dictionary for android. I am using this app called Kana mind to practice my kana.
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User Info: WitchBaby4200

3 years ago#22
My Japanese Coach. As someone said above. It is a fantastic teaching tool. I've been using it off and on for a few months and writing the characters in my free time. REALLY amazing teaching tool. I highly doubt that you'll be able to be fluent enough to read FL fully. But you'll definitely be able to sound out the characters (like Phonics, which schools don't teach anymore unfortunately) and even put a basic sentence structure together. And once you sound out the words you can look in a Japanese to English dictionary. Treehouse, the localization team for FL, stated that the amount of text comes to a 23,000 PAGE book. Not words. PAGES. A crapton of text. I had no prior knowledge of Japanese (I don't count knowing a few words while watching anime as a kid) before I picked up My Japanese Coach, but I've already seen a huge improvement. This evening my fiancé put the movie Pearl Harbor on. I wasn't paying attention, but managed to understand one sentence without having to think too much. I looked up to read the subtitles and sure enough I had the basic gist of the sentence. I was actually stunned. Everything else I was completely lost on, but there was this one sentence that used words that I had learned from MJC. This is even after taking a couple weeks break from the game. Bad. I know. I won't be learning too much at this rate, but I'm plugging along. Again, I recommend an easier less text heavy game to learn from. On the plus side I feel that learning another language as you get older is even better than playing Brain Age to keep the brain active. Especially a non-Romance language where the English alphabet isn't used. Good luck!
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User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#23
Ok. Managed to track a seller of genki. Nippon-yasan sells it for a decent price but it would cost me $200 total to get it shipped with Fedex and the next tier would cost me around $150 plus the cost of the books. Checked Ebay and they sell it for like $150 apiece. I wish Amazon accepts paypal or ships fast to Australia.
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User Info: picopicolina

3 years ago#24
Try Books Kinokuniya Australia:

Here's a search for Genki books:

They're a lot cheaper than shipping internationally. I didn't check to see if they're in Kinokuniya but I recommend the White Rabbit Press' Japanese Kanji Flashcards. There are 3 sets. They're a great way to study kanji. Good luck!
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