How often do you see a handheld in public?

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User Info: TheMisterManGuy

3 years ago#1
How often do you see someone play a handheld out in a public area? Even before the Smartphone popularity, I have rarely seen anyone play a DS or a PSP in public.

User Info: KawaseFan

3 years ago#2
Very rarely, in fact not for a few years. - an Umihara Kawase / Yumi's Odd Odyssey fansite. Come in and join the KawaseFan Forum!

User Info: SaraAB87

3 years ago#3
Rarely, usually at a restaurant, but sometimes at the grocery store and when I do see them its ALWAYS a kid under 12 years old. I still get streetpasses around town so some people are either carrying them or using them (and obviously this is more than just kids under 12) and all the relay's here are pretty well stocked with new data all the time.
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User Info: WhenZebrasgobad

3 years ago#4

I also never leave the house.
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User Info: spealfan444

3 years ago#5
At my school I constantly see this one girl traveling down the halls with her 2DS. That's about it though.
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User Info: Dante200X

3 years ago#6
Almost never actually. I live in a fairly small town, but I haven't seen a DS/3DS/PSP/Vita in years now...
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

3 years ago#7
kind of rare, and that's including my own :/
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User Info: kabutokouji

3 years ago#8
If the western community is represented by Gamefaqs posters, I pity the west x.x

User Info: MonsterXA

3 years ago#9
Saw them almost everyday in Japan, usually little kids (5-10 year olds).
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User Info: socguy

3 years ago#10
Handheld? No.

Hands held? Yes
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