How often do you see a handheld in public?

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User Info: davidvinc

3 years ago#21
Every once in a while I'll see them at the airport, other than that, never.
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User Info: Bigmac909

3 years ago#22
terrancejones posted...
I do get the odd streetpass here and there, so they must be out there. I just don't actually see them.

Same. If I actively take my 3DS out in hopes of getting a SP, I can usually get one a week (living in a pretty rural area). Yet I practically never see them.
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User Info: nazacuckoo

3 years ago#23
Quite a bit, actually. Every few months... If that counts as "quite a bit".
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User Info: SaraAB87

3 years ago#24
I think you tend to see them more in places where people tend to have to wait, like doctors offices, airports, bus stations etc.. This requires something with more battery life than a smartphone and requires something that takes longer to play than a smartphone game that will suck up your battery. Some doctors appointments are 2-3 hours long (if you are waiting for someone) so you need something that can keep you occupied in the waiting room the whole time and gaming handhelds are perfect for this.

As far as just going out, most of the time I am preoccupied with why I am going out in the first place, aka grocery shopping, or shopping to bust out the handheld to play. If I see my green light turn on I might pull it out for a few min to check the streetpasses but that is about it and to make sure the streetpasses aren't full especially if I hit multiple streetpass relays per day.

I don't see too many using smartphones for games, some kids are doing that if they have a phone but I don't see it too often. I see a lot of kids with tablets and they are playing games on those so that seems like the main market even moreso than smart phones.. Most adults use their smartphone for texting, browsing facebook, twitter, making phone calls or doing things like that, not for gaming. If they are gaming on a smartphone its nothing past candy crush..or whatever the latest smartphone game craze is

Also I know they are out there since I get streetpasses all the time, I think a lot of time I get them on the road or its from a parent pushing a stroller and they have a 3DS in their bags, or parents who carry their kids 3DS in their purses because I often don't see the 3DS out in the open when I get a streetpass, sometimes I do but that is rare.
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

3 years ago#25
Every couple of months I see someone with one.
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User Info: Puma_Italia

3 years ago#26
I never really see people playing handhelds in public anymore.
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User Info: darklinkfan55

3 years ago#27
i always see one usually in a waiting area of some sort, also food courts at malls.. but other than that i never see anyone carrying it with them... but i do still get street passes often
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User Info: parKb5

3 years ago#28
I live in Japan, I see multiple 3DS systems every day.
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User Info: Skull_pro

3 years ago#29
Where do most of you guys live to see handheld systems so rarely? I live in 500k population city and I see one almost everyday. Heck, I went to a small city of barely over 19k people and still saw a couple of 3DSes in the 36 hours or so that Ibspent there.
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User Info: Sifon

3 years ago#30
i get a bunch of street passes daily when im at my college. People definitely are carrying them around just not really taking them out
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