So Anyone here Stop Playing some Games because of their AGE?

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User Info: Spade21X

3 years ago#21
I'm 21 now but you can be damn sure I'll still be playing games like Zelda and Pokemon when I'm 70. Well, that is assuming those franchises make it that long.
You only have one life so spend it doing the things you enjoy.
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User Info: terrancejones

3 years ago#22
Indeed.. If my Mother can play Pokemon and Animal Crossing at 40, I think anyone can enjoy any game at any age...

Heck, my step-gramma plays Goldeneye. hehee...
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User Info: iMURDAu

3 years ago#23
I'm almost 34 and the games I grew up playing are currently listed as "Nintendo Hard" by tvtropes. Gaming will always be a hobby of mine just like watching TV and movies.

Anyone who thinks their maturity is based on anything related to entertainment is immature.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

3 years ago#24
PrincessLum posted...
Oh, I forgot to mention, if you're having some doubts, you should really check out the 2014 study compiled by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) regarding gaming/gamer statistics and demographics:

If you read through that, you'll see the actual facts really contradict the societal stereotypes about gamers (namely, that most gamers are young, teenage boys, when it is actually not the case). Here are a few interesting tidbits:

The average gamer is 31 years old (so you're technically still a youngin', TC).

71% of gamers are over 18 years old (the vast majority of gamers are actually adults).

48% of gamers are women and 52% are men (although, unfortunately, I think some of this has to do with social network games and mobile gaming, but as a woman gamer, I try to tell myself that's not the case and female gamers have better taste than that, haha)

Boys 18 and younger only make up 17% of the gaming population, which is less than half of the portion of the gaming population made up by women over 18 (36%).

59% of Americans play video games (more than half, so you're not alone, TC, haha)

51% of U.S. households own a dedicated game console (and own an average of 2, which at least means of the half of the Americans who play video games, the majority of those have a dedicated console to play on - it's not all just smartphones, thankfully, haha)

So, yeah, society may tell us that gaming is "childish," but the actual reality is that adults are the vast majority of gamers today (at least in America) - the gamer stereotype doesn't actually reflect the facts at all (but when does any stereotype?)

I liked these states at first, but then I realized it equally weighs someone who plays angry birds or tetris on their phone for 1 hour a month as somebody who plays WoW six hours a day... the stats are a misrepresentation

Regardless though, don't give up games becuase of your age
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User Info: irulethegalaxy

3 years ago#25
People who are actually mature play what they enjoy and don't give a damn about what "people their age" should be doing with their free time.
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User Info: madtwostep

3 years ago#26
I'm 28, I'm in the US Coast Guard, married, and have a 10 month old son. I still love to relax at the end of the night, grab a beer and game it up. It is a stress reliever and helps clear the mind. Don't be swayed into thinking that just because you hit a certain age, you have to act a certain way. Just keep it real home..

User Info: ObtuseAngina

3 years ago#27
Why did you capitalize the word "age"?
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User Info: lucapit

3 years ago#28
How old do you guys think shady penguin (a youtuber who plays pokemon) is?
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User Info: 19eighty7

3 years ago#29
When JRPG's started having voice overs was around the time highschool me had to start muting stuff.

User Info: lucapit

3 years ago#30
Great post madtwostep
"i quit".. (brawl code:0302 4058 6830).
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