So Anyone here Stop Playing some Games because of their AGE?

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User Info: mecha_no_maniac

3 years ago#41
The only games I've ever stopped playing due to getting too old for them were those point and click activity center games, the ones that taught you math, let you colour pre-drawn pictures etc. I was around 10 when I stopped playing them altogether and began focusing entirely on "proper games".

But I must say, as I've gotten older my personal standards for games have gotten higher as well, especially for platformers. If the premise for the game is too childish for my tastes, I won't buy the said game. As a kid I wouldn't have minded the premise or the main character's design too much as long as the game was a platformer. Of course, as a kid I had a rather limited chance of getting games and therefore couldn't be as picky because of it.

And then there's the need to experience something new with each game I play. Had I been able to play Rayman Origins as a kid it would have probably rocked my socks off. But by my current standards, it just feels like a run of the mill platformer with the exception of notable difficulty (at least when compared to PS1-PS2 platformers). It's not a bad game by any means, I just don't feel like playing it alone. I do enjoy playing the co-op with my cousin though, which is why I haven't traded or sold the game away.
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User Info: vattodev

3 years ago#42
VannofThursday posted...
Im turning 27 this coming October and i gave up playing Pokemon and other 3DS games that I have (sold them).The only thing left is MH3U because this game "for me" is just right for my age.
I think im thinking too much about my age but the reality bites that after 3 years,ill be 30 years old.My clock just starts clicking.
I think my brain just gone tic tac tic tac like a time bomb as my 27th birthday approaches.
So anyone here feel the same way?

I'm 29 and I did the opposite: I'm old enough to pay for whatever I want and no one can say anything about it. So I decided to spend some money in games every month and play anything that seems like a new and/or fun experience. The only games that I hold a little bit of prejudice because of age are Disney Infinity and Skylanders. But that's not really because of age, it's because they require figures to play and I don't understand why I need those.
Have fun with whatever you like instead of telling people that they are having fun the wrong way.
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User Info: VincentX

3 years ago#43
Nope. I'm 30 and still playing games every day. Heck I even played Ducktales on my NES the other day. As long as you have fun then why would you stop playing a game?
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User Info: MilkNPC

3 years ago#44
I quit pokemon in middle school for a while because everyone else decided it was for little kids and Halo was the new cool ****.

I quickly learned how stupid it was for society to tell me what I should and should not play or how I should spend my free time. I know Im not the oldest dude here (comin up on 24 ) but I still very much enjoy Pokemon and other "childish" games.

User Info: Szpytek23

3 years ago#45
Yes I've quit playing because of my age, once I hit 84 it was all down hill. Too much arthritis in ma fingers to be able to pwn noobs in COD.... Ahhhh the good ole days

User Info: TriangularTwig

3 years ago#46
in a way, yes. i have outgrown many of the childish games nintendo has to offer.

User Info: Heracross17

3 years ago#47
I do, play, watch, and listen to whatever I want. I'm an adult.
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User Info: Dersu_Uzala

3 years ago#48
I used to play a lot of JRPGs. I really cut back on those after turning 20 or so.

User Info: VannWC

3 years ago#49
I'm 25, married, and father of a 2.5 year old. I still play basically all Nintendo games...My 3DS collection consists of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, etc. A hobby is a hobby. Plus, it's something I grew up with and my son can get into the games too eventually!

Worrying about a hobby being childish is more childish than whatever the hobby is.
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User Info: Ultimarok

3 years ago#50
At once point, I felt the same way you did, but luckily that subsided after a long while before it did any damage like causing me to sell some of my prized games, which I still have, luckily.

I am 28 myself and know all too well what it's like to have that nervous feeling about approaching 30 soon.

Age really is irrelevant to video gaming since it's just an entertainment medium, not a lifestyle. (Although it could be argued that it's a lifestyle for some, but I think that's a bit much.) But if you really think it's so 'shameful' to be playing certain video games at your age, then I suppose that you really are better off without the ones that you sold and they will go to someone who'll love and enjoy it.
"The meaning of life is that it is to be lived, and it is not to be traded and conceptualized and squeezed into a pattern of systems." -Bruce Lee
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