Any hope for a Kid Icarus: Uprising re-release?

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User Info: nights_rain

3 years ago#11
I got it this February at 24$ on GameStop used....
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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

3 years ago#12
This is out of print??? That's news to me. I have a launch copy, my niece has a launch copy and I bought an extra when Best Buy had these on sale for $14.99 back in 2012.

Plus I'm pretty sure I've seen copies recently at Target, Toy's R Us and Wal-Mart. Best Buy? Not in a long time though. Our copies are the box set with the AR Cards and 3DS Stand. That collector's box is pretty sweet! :D
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User Info: loseswithluigi

3 years ago#13
Its weird that this game seems to be in short supply when new copies of most first party DS games are readily available.

User Info: TheDreadedZero

3 years ago#14
The ones at Target come in the big box with the stand. I'm pretty sure they never released the game any other way.
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User Info: Flame552

3 years ago#15
Given what other people say, I recall I had a similar experience looking for a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening. No Gamestop seemed to have it, but then I went to a Best Buy and they had about a dozen.

So if possible, not just look at gaming shops and Amazon and you may just find it for a good price...might be true for Pokemon too now that I think about it. If any place may have a surplus of SS/HG copies, it would probably be Toys R' Us.

User Info: socguy

3 years ago#16
Toys R Us no longer sell console games in my area, they are into purely kiddish things like sketch-n-etch
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User Info: powerclaw1

3 years ago#17
Player's choice is gonna happen in a year or two. I'm expecting a reprint soon.
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User Info: El_Dustino

3 years ago#18
Hopefully they include cards with a reprint too... I tried collecting those things, but... yeah, NoA dropped the ball on them.
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User Info: Wario_man

3 years ago#19
I gave mine to my cousin when I gave him my other 3DS for his birthday.
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User Info: mtKing52

3 years ago#20
spealfan444 posted...
Glad I bought it at launch......

This. IMO, it's the best 3DS game.
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