What makes a Good Game to you? (always wanted to make this topic)

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User Info: moogle69

2 years ago#1
So what makes a good game to ;you? what features does it need to have? mechanics? systems? graphics/art style? music? story? FPS? resolution? gameplay? depth? epic? atmosphere/environment? long/short? replay value? content? difficulty? characterization? exploration? rewarding? satisfaction? simplicity? slow/fast paced?

first of all, allow me to state my favorite companies that makes games in the industry..

-Platinum Games/Clover Studio (when they were with Capcom)

these companies for me has made some of my top favorite games ever and some of the most enjoyable games that i have played in my gaming hobby, these companies have also made very little that i have disliked.

In my opinion Nintendo make games that have long lasting appeal to them, for e.g. i can play games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokemon for years and never get bored of them or they make games that if i replay them after one year, it would still be just as fun the first time i played it (Legend of Zelda, Paper Mario, Super Mario 3D games etc..).

Platinum has yet to make a game that i have been disappointed with. these guys make extremely addictive games that are also quick pick up and play games (well there games do have that style) and there games are extremely fast paced. these people make games that have most of the qualities up there, for example Okami (i feel bad for people who have not played this masterpiece), Platinum made this while working with Capcom as Clover Studio.

Okami has good, gameplay/story/graphics, which if you mix these three you have a perfection at your hand. now mix it up with other little qualities such as exploration, simplicity, fast paced, content, new game + for replay value, Okami has it all. a lot of Platinum other games start of simple but get more difficult since their games tend to have options for increasing difficulty, this give their games long lasting appeal with replay value. no matter how simple their games may seem, their games tend to have a lot of content such as hidden challenges, hidden secrets, and lots of unlockables through out their games, which sadly a lot of games lack these days.

SquareEnix is a company that tends to make memorable stories and gameplay that have depth such as explorable mechanics and customisation, they also tend to make games that have large explorable worlds. their games also tend to be one of those games that after replayed after one year, its still just as fun the first time you palyed it.

of course i like other games from other companies such as Dark Souls, Castlevania, Tales of series, etc.. for obvious reasons.

this is how id rate for what games need to have to be a good game..

10. Graphics (i mostly care for the artistic part of the games, not so much realistic)
9. Music (has to be along the style of the game or certain areas of the game, it has to make sense)
8. Long/Short (don't care how long or short the game as long as they have all the above, if its short like God of war/Uncharted series, then they need to have content, replay value and so on, but they don't have either of the qualities hence why i don't really like those games, if they are long game and don't have either of those qualities either, then yes they are bad) good example of long or short games that are good..
-Devil May Cry
-Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
7. Epic (nature of the game)
6. Fast Paced
5. Story (charactrization)
4. Expoloration
3. Replay Value
2. Content (side quests, unlockables, difficulties, challenges)
1. Gameplay (deep mechanics, depth and what not)
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User Info: Xynaxus64

2 years ago#2
Fun and Replayability.
Nothing else matters.

Games are fun when they challenge the player, but don't use cheap ways to do so. Giving the player less health than normal and calling it a "challenge mode", for instance, is a cheap way too increase difficulty. A good way to increase difficulty is to actually make levels that are actually difficult to beat. Also, grinding in SRPG's is not fun.

Good replayability means that the game's end-game features must actually feel rewarding. Unlockable concept art is not a good form of replayability. However, extra levels and online multiplayer functions are.
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User Info: Shocktrooper1

2 years ago#3
For me, these are the only things that matter about a game:

-Rewarding sense of progression (makes you want to play the game and feel good about beating it)
-Pleasant art style

I don't care if the story isn't deep, I don't care if the characters aren't fleshed out. I only want the game to make me want to play. And if I were to rate a game out of 10, it would lose at least two points if the soundtrack isn't great.

User Info: xxxxxn

2 years ago#4
A good game should have a good story(unless it's a platformer like mario), fun, graphics that keep me wanting to play(not the most advanced graphics, but just graphics that suit the game), and the game doesn't get boring and keeps me wanting to go back to it again and again until I beat it.

User Info: StephenYap3

2 years ago#5
Boy...where can I start...

What makes a good game to me is...well, I don't really expect a lot for 95% of the games I play. I just play to have fun. That's it.

If that isn't enough details, to be honest, I do have some standards written on my back. For starters, like I said I do play games to have fun, but that doesn't happen with every game I play. It has to be well-executed and designed (especially) and depending on the game, it either has to be new, improved, or both. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, for instance, haven't approached for any of those three, in my opinion, as I felt like it offered nothing mindblowingly new, compared to Returns on Wii and 3DS. Gameplay must also have depth too.

I am open to whether the artstyle leans towards...artistic (ahem...Super Mario 3D World) and realistic, but it has to bright enough so that I can SEE THE GAME AS I PLAY!! (Take a hint, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean!)

Stories aren't much important, but a nice little side dish to keep the game fresh. If I wanted a story, I'd go watch a movie or read a book. If I got my hands on a game, unless if it's something special (like Final Fantasy VI), I do one thing to it: Play it.

Content is welcome as long as they're there for a reason, as well as being enough and not too much. I personally do not like games that offer too much content as most of them are merely filler that fog the game's quality. Kid Icarus: Uprising is one example, whereas while the game isn't bad and is decent, it was all about looting and unlocking things. On top of its controls and endless kill rooms, it gets repetitive, tedious, and overwhelming.

Lastly, difficulty is highly dependant on the game. If the game's difficulty is leveled enough to match the same amount of fun the game intends for the player such as myself expects, then "fair" difficulty is always welcome. I can handle some spikes and a few bumps, but my point stands clear.
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User Info: WhenZebrasgobad

2 years ago#6
Customization. A lot of it. Though progression is probably the most important thing to anyone in a game other than story/characters.
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User Info: zezgod

2 years ago#7
Xynaxus64 posted...


User Info: Lord Lizard

Lord Lizard
2 years ago#8
I could say "fun", but really, that's a pretty empty answer, seeing how everyone finds the "fun" in different things, so it really doesnt answer anything. It's like saying "I enjoy games that I find enjoyable".

It also depends on the game for me. Gameplay is usually the most important part, with graphic quality being the least (notice I said "graphic quality", not artistic style). To be honest, graphical quality is the only aspect of the game I really don't care about.
Difficulty is not necessary for me to have fun. I've played lots of games that have been fun without being challenging, but there have been others that have been fun BECAUSE of the challenge too. In the end, it's really game dependant.
Story, writing and characterization is the only aspect of the game that can compete with gameplay for me, and ONLY in a particular set of games. JRPGs mostly. While some of them have proved to have good enough gameplay to make me like them even without a good story (Etrian Odyssey immediately comes to mind), most had kinda bland gameplay and I still liked them because of the characters and story. That being said, there has beeen some games I disliked the gameplay so much not even the story could make up for it (even to this day, SaGa Frontier is still my most disliked JRPG because of this). In other games, like action games and such, I actually prefer to not have the story interrupt the gameplay. Cutscenes can ruin an action game for me.
Exploration and world construction are also important for me, but usually not as much as gameplay. Still, just like story, there have been some games I liked mainly because of their "world" aspect. Skies of Arcadia, my favorite JRPG, is actually somewhat lacking in the gameplay aspect with it having a somewhat slow and simple battle system. I liked both the characters and the storytelling. However, if I had to tell, I'd say that my best memory of playing that game was actually exploring the world map. Best world map ever, IMO.

So yeah, then there's things like the OST and such that, while I appreciate, aren't usually that important to me. I've played lots of games with unimpressive OSTs and didn't have any problem to enjoy them, and then I've also played games that I greatly disliked despite them having pretty good OSTs (again, SaGa Frontier, or the recent Bravely Default). The artistic style is usually more important than the OST for me, but still not important enough to make me like a game that's lacking in other key aspects. I usually prefer games that are not realistic in their style and choose a more creative and personal style instead (Okami, Wind Waker and the Vanillaware games, for example).

Overall, gameplay is the most important thing to me. Other than that, it depends on the game, with story being really important in some genres, and exploration being important enough that it can make me like the game even if some other aspects of it fail.
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User Info: sh0wnuf

2 years ago#9
WhenZebrasgobad posted...
Customization. A lot of it. Though progression is probably the most important thing to anyone in a game other than story/characters.


I totally agree with your statement.
I'll assume you've gotten into Disgaea and/or Monster Hunter, potentially card battle games, and prefer RPG's as a genre?

User Info: Terotrous

2 years ago#10
There's such a wide variety of good games that it's impossible to fully generalize it.

There are some traits that are virtually always desirable, though:

The gameplay should have depth, so you can improve your skill at the game and see noticeably better results for doing so.

The game should control well, which somewhat ties into the above, you don't want the challenge to come from just trying to control the game.

The game should be well-paced, so the progression moves along well and the game doesn't have significant areas where it feels slow or boring.

The game should look and sound nice, in a way that fits the game (note that this does not always indicate realism or rock music).
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