ITT: Come up with names WORSE than "New 3DS"

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User Info: HipsterSora

3 years ago#1
3DS must be in the title.
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User Info: LightningRudHan

3 years ago#2

User Info: therealpokenar

3 years ago#3
"The burden of proof is on the one proposing an idea, not on those who believe it to be false." by pikpikcarrotmon

User Info: kdiz4321

3 years ago#4
I am not an early adopter. If your system is as awesome as you say it is, it will still be in stores when the games I want are out.

User Info: halfelven23

3 years ago#5
PSN ID: Gogunners23

User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

3 years ago#6
3DS:1547-5206-2758 Status: Full (100) NNID: BigDaddyWingnut
Bring me the fleece-crested scepter of Q-Teep and the Poleesh Remover of Nyeel! - Lord Business
(message deleted)

User Info: Granadico_

3 years ago#8
Super Alpha Turbo Extreme Ultra Mega Giga 3DSi

User Info: DarkAdonis123

3 years ago#9
BigDaddyWingnut posted...

You win
If Platinum was HAND drawn, she'd be on paper, fool. This is a video game. They just made her on screen, no "drawing" involved -Delano7 on BlazBlue

User Info: CrystalKing5426

3 years ago#10
3DS One.
Other M is the One More Day of Metroid
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