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User Info: omegafix

4 weeks ago#1
here is a list of all of the themes I have...and 1 that I know I missed =( did I miss any others?

so far I have
Animal Crossing Falling Leaves
Kirby's 25th Anniversary
The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary
The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Wide World
Mario's Halloween
Mario's Happy Holidays
Metroid Samus Returns Samus Aran
My Nintendo 1 Mario
My Nintendo 2 Donkey Kong
My Nintendo 3 Link
My Nintendo 4 Samus
My Nintendo 5 Isabelle
NES Halloween Link
NES Jumping Mario
Pikmin Working Together
Sonic Series Sonic Style
Splatoon Fresh Squid
Swapnote Nikki and Friends
Yo-kai Watch Jibanyan
Yoshi's Springtime Siesta

I missed
Bravely Second End Layer (New Faces)
(message deleted)

User Info: CriticalFury

3 weeks ago#3
There's a new new one for my nintendo rewards.

*Nintendo 3DS theme: Pokémon: Pikachu & Poké Ball
"They say I can't lose, I say you can't win."- Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

User Info: Nixemo

3 weeks ago#4
I missed the Halloween ones, they removed them earlier than the date they said they would. >.>
"Staying in the same place, just staying out the time,
touching from a distance, further all the time."

User Info: AkaneJones

3 weeks ago#5
Nixemo posted...
I missed the Halloween ones, they removed them earlier than the date they said they would. >.>

Those themes are normal themes, just search the theme shop for Mario's Halloween & NES Halloween Link. They aren't Unique to My Nintendo, you can just buy if you don't have the gold coins. Its not like Bravely Second New Faces theme

In fact all these theme are regular pay themes...
Metroid: Samus Returns Samus Aran
Kirby's 25th Anniversary
The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: Wide World
Animal Crossing: Falling Leaves
Mario's Halloween
Sonic Series: Sonic Style
Splatoon: Fresh Squid
Swapnote: Nikki and Friends
Yoshi's Springtime Siesta
Pikmin: Working Together
NES: Halloween Link
NES: Jumping Mario

Only these themes are My Nintendo unique...
My Nintendo 1: Mario
My Nintendo 2: Donkey Kong
My Nintendo 3: Link
My Nintendo: Samus
My Nintendo: Isabelle
Yo-kai Watch Jibanyan.
Mario's Happy Holidays
Pokémon: Pikachu & Poké Ball
The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary*
Bravely Second New Faces*
* - These two are no longer available

User Info: omegafix

3 weeks ago#6
Some of those were available as rewards before they were made for purchase.

I wish they would bring Bravely Second New Faces back
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