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User Info: Cipher_8

7 years ago#11

deleterguy posted...
Probably a god of war clone.

It won't have anything to do about greek mythology and it won't be a button smasher. I don't think it will be a god of war clone at all. Dantes Inferno was pretty close to that style of gameplay but this for some reason I just don't see Crytek going that direction.

User Info: Zero_Saber_X

7 years ago#12

From: ACx7 | #004
God damn. Every time there is some form of game involving anything in ancient times with swords and shields, its a God of War clone. There are NO GoW clones or else there would be major copyright infringement. God of War is a good series. I would LOVE somthing similar on the 360. Which I don't think this will be. But only the devs can confirm or deny. Can't wait for info.

It's an influence on many action games. Despite what you may believe, other people will call Dante's Inferno and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow reminiscent of God of War.

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