Am I missing something? How do I continue???

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User Info: dwwc7

6 years ago#1
First of all let me say that I really am enjoying this game. If you put in the efforts it really dose give you a good workout.
But here is my question. I started the 12 session programs, the one – “Men’s ultimate cardio and fat loss program” (I’m at work so I am going off of memory here, sorry.) The one under “sleeve busting” program. Anyway. Unfortunately it starts me off at advance. Don’t know why. But I busted a nut trying to keep up. I did good. Sweated my butt off which is my whole point of getting it. But after you finish the first session it says 11 more sessions to go. Where or how do you continue? What am I missing? Weather I go to start training, or back to that program or update my profile, it starts off at the same session, and when I finish it says again 11 more. How do I continue?
Please Help.

User Info: IkariWarriorKH

6 years ago#2
I haven't done that so I couldn't tell you for sure. But, from my experience, usually when you complete one thing, it opens another which you then select on the menu.

Like for example, it'll say:

Zen Stream: Part 1 and you select that, then when you complete it, part 2 unlocks, you go to the same menu and simply move down one to Part 2 and select that now and complete that one, and so forth.

Not sure if this will help you with your problem but yeah. Best Regards.
"I can control my power.......but, I have no intention of relying upon it." - Leona Heidern.

User Info: mydogchev

6 years ago#3
I know exactly what you're talking about and have the exact same question...only nobody seems to have the answer. My wife is doing the first section of personal training, "Break A Sweat." This has 12 sessions to seems that if you don't complete them all in a row that the progress, including calories burned, does not save. I don't see a way to manually save her progress...every time she starts, regardless of choosing "continue," it starts her back at session 1. Pretty lame.

User Info: Snow_Krash

6 years ago#4
This is annoying, I was trying to do the same exact thing, the Men's Fitness and the Sleeve Busting. However whenever you switch your current program, it resets the progress. So you have to stick with the same program to see any progress.

However, I have not seen any difference from day 1 to 3 to this point on the Men's Fitness, so I'm not sure if the progress really even matters if the actual workout doesn't change.

User Info: A_Nile_Ate_Her

6 years ago#5
well... more activity is better for your body - one way to see it!

User Info: coot76

6 years ago#6
Hmmm. I am not having the same issue. If you select finish at the end of the workout, it saves your progress.

I have used the program in three different days/occasions and each time I started where I left off.

Did you select finish at the end of your workout?
Did you set up an individual account?

These are things I would make sure to accomplish.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

User Info: A_Nile_Ate_Her

6 years ago#7
why would setting up an individual account make a difference?

User Info: MamaMiia

6 years ago#8

I haven't had this problem but there seem to be many people on various boards who have. I'm guessing that choosing "Finish" at the end of a program saves your progress. I'm on Day 3 of my program and it's correct -- two days ago it showed I'd finished 1 of 12, yesterday 2 of 12, and today it says I've finished 3 of 12.

My question, which I hope is related, is: why do I only have the same three or four exercises in my program every day? I know they're good for me (as evidenced by my rubbery legs and aching muscles) but I wish they'd throw in some more variety. thx

User Info: PghTrenz62

6 years ago#9
I'm doing the same workout
after your workout is done you have to press finish after all your stuff is done on screen

User Info: Subacetylene

6 years ago#10
But do you really have to finish all 12 sessions to be able to save? I did 4 sessions and wanted to take a break. After coming back I had to restart from the beginning.
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