car maintenance and drag cars and mods for your car

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User Info: ninjaccg

6 years ago#1
what im trying to say is that if you dont keep your car maintained i will break down..

like your car tires can blowout and lots of more stuff what do you guys think

i tink thay need to put top fuel dragsters and some more drag cars

and more modification to your car what do you guys want

User Info: Frisco557

6 years ago#2
Car maintenance is the most useless thing in Gran Turismo(or atleast the PS1 and 2 version), I don't think Turn 10 should even bother.

Tire blowouts would be cool as would drag cars(or atleast drag oriented upgrades). Don't hold your breath for the dragsters because Turn 10 has said that the engine can't render open wheeled cars.
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User Info: bunnyman14

6 years ago#3
Where did you read that? I always like reading about graphic capabilities; it's not often that developers admit they CAN'T do something.

User Info: goolybooly

6 years ago#4
The reason there is no Ariel Atom or other open wheeled car is because T10 says the current FM graphics engine can't render suspension components. It's a bit of information that has been floating around for a while, I'd recommend checking the forums to see where it originated from because I don't really know.
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User Info: bunnyman14

6 years ago#5
hmmm, I'm no developer, but couldn't they think of workarounds? I mean how hard is it to render something stretchy? They can render tires! Couldn't they make a squishy cylinder and put a partly-transparent texture of a spring? Or, I don't know, lots of less impressive games render springs.

User Info: dark_minun

6 years ago#6
I think they said the engine isn't capable of properly handling open-wheeled cars, I don't remember anything specific being the culprit. My personal theory is that tire rubbing or or something of that nature, that open wheel cars have and others don't, is the culprit.

I'm also no fan of random blowouts or breakdowns, they may be realistic but they don't exactly help the fun factor and I play games to have fun. I suppose blowouts as a calculated result of bad tuning/going too long without pitting/crashing and getting the tires caught in shrapnel might be okay, at least then it's 100% avoidable through good driving.

As for car maintenance, once again, it might be realistic but it's not exactly fun. I maintain my own car and if I could get that thing to maintain itself without paying money, I'd jump at the chance. I wouldn't want to stop driving though :)
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User Info: ninjaccg

6 years ago#7
maybe thay can make a way to let the player set the game difficulty to realistic and have all the fun stuff. and how come thay dont come thay dont have drag racing on xbox live?

User Info: Guybrush_Three

6 years ago#8
I dont think its the physiscs engine is why the dont have open wheel I think its the damage part. with open wheel cars can get locked together and all sorts of problems.
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User Info: 3CDED

6 years ago#9
^ collision detection is a major problem for open wheels

what i want is the ability to actually get the drag levels of HP out of cars 200hp 2JZs and 1500 HP RB26s and several million HP V8s etc

also of course drag slicks and other drag upgrades then drift specific upgrades so steering lock modification mismatched wheels and the like

i think these upgrades should be added in a couple tabs after conversion in the upgrade menu it would allow me my 1200hp 2jz powered JZA70 RWD drift car

also i want crate engines i must have a V8 RX7 FD
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User Info: Guybrush_Three

6 years ago#10
I think Forza just have a real issue when it comes to real world levels of grip, I mean its far to easy to spin wheels on forz, unrealisticly easy, problem is if they made it more realistic with there current engine you will be doing lap times far quicker than you would be in real life with the same cars, they have to much grip somewhere and tbh I cant figure out what it is, but it needs to be removed and added onto propustion.
How's he doing? He's like a fish out of water. What uncomfortable? No dead
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