help, Elite world tour mazda laguna seca

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User Info: unstoppabull

6 years ago#1
im on the elite section of the world tour and on the mazda laguna seca track, it wont let me use any of the cars i have in my garage, what cars work?

User Info: avoiderman

6 years ago#2
Hit the exact same problem at same point (16/19). Bit annoying it doesn't allow sight of the races to give a clue what to buy, but not too critical of the game as had a fair few hours of fun t get here. If you find out another way do post the fix - will search wider too.

User Info: avoiderman

6 years ago#3
Lots on forza forums stuck at same point, one suggestion that others claimed worked was a GT2 car (eg BMW), haven't got it yet myself (cost around 1 mil). Hope it works.

User Info: openfist

6 years ago#4
It does, I never hit this snag as I was probably higher level than some from racing online and event list. I had the Ferrari R3 car by that time so a GT car is what will work. I also heard a Vette would work as well but not sure on that.
(message deleted)

User Info: CiaraJansonFan

6 years ago#6
Ignore that, I got the wrong cup

User Info: SVT52986

6 years ago#7
I've seen this exact problem many times now and I'm wondering how I avoided it. I just completed season 10 last night and I always had a car available in my garage for the races. I'm wondering how my driver level was high enough to avoid this considering I've only raced 3 races online against others and all other time has been spent in world tour mode. Maybe because I always chose the races that gave bonuses towards driver level when they were offered. To answer the question, you need a class R3 car with a GT2 bodystyle.
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