Best cars for A600?

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User Info: BraindeadRacr

6 years ago#41
pez2k_ posted...
LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice.

Crap, my being helpful backfired T-T
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User Info: Japhle

6 years ago#42
MinunSS posted...

Also, if you upgrade tires and suspension first for drag racing, have fun in last place.

>drag racing

I despise drag racing, hated it every time those 14 year old british kids invited me.
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User Info: mr2s_on_suzuka

6 years ago#43
I was looking for examples of the best A600 cars, not personal favorites or forum drama. To be honest I know most of top A600 cars since it's really the only lobby I frequent and I must say I trounce on the competition. All. The. Time. This thread was made to see if I missed any of the top cars, and on a smaller level to see what the people on this forum knew of the top A600 cars. With that I must say, wow, just wow. Please don't take the following offensively, just some posts I could not believe.

-Ill start off positive, early camaro's and pretty much all nsx's will win races, and the dlc RS1800 is the dodge dart of A600

-'05 mustang GT... one of the worst A600 cars, and I am a huge mustang fan, I own a GT/CS.

-Pretty much any car is good? Top my lap times in your A600 Bentley "any car is good" Continental.

-This thread was referring to A600 circuit but I thought that was a given. Nonetheless, a 3,000lb drag car... I assume you do not win often.

-2002 Mazda RX7 - eh
Chevy Volt (With Maxed out top speed Gearing and all Upgrades, It Can Go 180+ MPH and handle remarkably well for a Hybrid)
Ford Focus RS - Not ever, too many overpowered fords
2005 Dodge Neon SRT4 ACR - Never even seen one online
2005 Ford Mustang GT - See breadstick
Suzuki Liana - No comment
Lotus Elise (Any Model of Elise) - Exige vs Elise, we have a winner
2010 Chevy Camaro - Use the sixties
1971 AMC Javelin AMX - Yes, overpowered no speed transmission car
Nissan 240SX - No
Nissan Silvia - NO
Toyota Celica - NOOOOOO

-BMW 2002, M6 and Ferrari F430, Ill just leave it at that.

-GMC Typhoon... I thought it was 100% clear that trucks are not competitive at circuit racing in this game, whatsoever.

-In your own words: Half the fun of this game is experimenting with different cars to improve your driving and see which cars fit your driving style. We would never know what cars were actually really fast if people didn't experiment ON THEIR OWN with different cars and tunes. We'd all be driving the same thing. What's the point of having hundreds of cars to play with if all you do is go online and look for the most broken one just so you can be competitive.

-If no one experimented to find out what the fastest cars were, then everyone would be using different cars since no one knows what the best ones are and personal taste would decide. Logic. You fail.

-Whats the point of having hundreds of cars online? Not much of a point unfortunately since certain cars are better than others. Race online if your looking to be competitive, race career if you want to admire the cars.

I've scanned this forum a decent amount of time and I'd love to see what some of you can do on the track. Again if I came of offensive with my feedback I did not intend to. I raced A600 in Forza 3 also and know quite a bit about the class. Only commenting on what is clearly wrong.

User Info: FrEshBrEadStiCk

6 years ago#44
I said the '05 Ford GT, not the '05 Ford Mustang GT. You know, the modern revival of the car that won Le Mans like 4 years in a row? The supercar?
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User Info: mr2s_on_suzuka

6 years ago#45

Sorry, I misread your post. However the Ford GT is not near as good as it was in Forza 3 and is quite honestly not very competitive in A600. Ive tried to recreate the monster that Forza 3 had and have had no success. Also I am aware of the earlier vehicles credentials, however they have nothing to do with any of the previously mentioned vehicles in-game performance. You know, the topic of this thread?

User Info: easyben

6 years ago#46
mr2s- are you kidding me? Of all the cars you use the Bentley as an example? Hahaha! That's just downright insanity. I take it you either a) can't tune or b) have never driven it on Road America.

The only, and I mean ONLY car that won't be competitive in A Class is the Hummer. But, the Bentley? It might not be the ideal choice for Infineon but that's about it. Otherwise it's a beast.

edit: I just saw where you claimed trucks are not competitive. Other than the Hummer, man, you could not be more wrong. Like I said, you can win in pretty much anything, it's all in how you tune and drive it. But hey, don't believe me if you don't want. Have fun driving the same Lotus and Camaro as everyone else.

User Info: dodgefan91

6 years ago#47
If you don't want to use leaderboard cars, I use my 1st gen miata as sort of a lotus replacement. Light weight, low hp, and aero so it's speed rating is low, but its acceleration, braking, and handling are all great.

Plus the stock engine naturally aspirated sounds like a beast of a 4 banger. I've also had good luck with my S2000, E36 and E46 M3
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User Info: FrEshBrEadStiCk

6 years ago#48
The Ford GT works fine for me. I can beat Lotus' on short-ish tracks with my tune.
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User Info: mr2s_on_suzuka

6 years ago#50

As I said before some cars are just plain better than others, a few have been listed in this thread. You are right that all cars have the potential to be good, only a handful can be great. Really do not know what you intend to prove claiming the 40,000lb Continental is good for any track, only so much weight reduc can be done, and if you haven't noticed that is one of the most commonly used upgrades for tuning.

Also did you not notice the very high speed rating on the car which essentially makes it worthless since speed is broken and of almost no use in this game for high class racing, even for Road America. Do you wonder why all the leaderboard times are set by cars with stock transmissions that max out? You know the ones with a 4-5 speed rating? I'm guessing you drop below 100mph on the high speed turn near the end of the track.

Post a replay of an A600 Continental with your best lap time, I'll show you how wrong you are with my own replay in a competitive.
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