Best way to avoid EMPs?

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User Info: Legenday_Chaser

6 years ago#1
I am really hating EMPs at this point. Hot Pursuits seem impossible because no matter what I do (besides going off track), I get hit by an EMP. Any tips for avoiding them?
And when exactly do jammers work? Right when you press the D-pad button or is there a delay? They never seem to work for me... And any tips for when is best to utilize them?

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User Info: Legenday_Chaser

6 years ago#2
And one more question, when drifting by just releasing the gas, is it best to be turning when releasing gas, or turning after releasing and roughly when hitting the gas again?
PSN: jwGary
MMSF 3 FC -Wolf- 120474044117

User Info: MKNoVaS

6 years ago#3
I tend to slam on the e-brake and let the EMP user get ahead of me, missing me. Or, if I'm ahead enough, I pound the nitrous or turbo to get out of range.

User Info: Winky08132

6 years ago#4
Best way I've found to avoid them is a jammer (activate it while they are locking on to you). To answer your other question, they work right when you hit the button to activate them. If you don't have jammers, you could try hitting them with a spike strip, taking a shortcut or letting them pass you.
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User Info: EvilStar

6 years ago#5
For drifting I usually let gas go and then start to turn and drift and then hit the gas.... If I'm going to hit a railing I may also hit the brake and let go of the gas... Just gotta gauge it.

I try to drift as close to the corner as possible so that I can come out of the drift as quick as possible. It does slow you down some, though you can pick up speed while drifting, but it doesn't compare to holding the line/not drifting.

User Info: Razorback71854

6 years ago#6
As for your drifting question.. Its best to not drift and just hold your line around the turn. Ideally you want to slow down enough before you execute your turn, and when you reach the apex of the turn, you want to get back on the throttle.
(Apex meaning the point where the turn begins to straighten out again)

At least thats what real professional drivers/law enforcement does..but this is a game after all.
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User Info: Nhatters1314

6 years ago#7
You can use jammers on both EMPs and spike strips. It's instant.
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User Info: MarBeats

6 years ago#8
Hold the line. most cars cant hold the line right and after acertain amout of speed if u try to turn u going to go straight into a wall. the only option i see is to Droft i wish u could chage the way u want the tuning or handeling of your car i would love something that could hold the line better and keeps the speed going though i know how to drift i just hate driting in to a Crash!!! trying to stop before i do and switch directions is hard with some much stuff goign on that gets tsupid after a wow. those cops get relentess and on lines with 8 total peoples 5 cars may drift then crash into each other.

User Info: gloBal enemy

gloBal enemy
6 years ago#9
Use turbo- thats how I get around it.
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User Info: PlaystionGod

6 years ago#10
I usually use the e-brake and turn around if he is close but if he is far away and there is plenty of road I might use a turbo.
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