Custom soundtrack?

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User Info: GigaGaia

7 years ago#1
Just wondering, will you be able to listen to your own music while playing the game? Because looking at the soundtrack, I already know I'd mute the music after turning on the game for the first time.
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User Info: RedHawk4

7 years ago#2
Oh believe me, I agree with you. I hope it will be included as well, but I don't know one way or the other.

User Info: khallos14

7 years ago#3
If Custom Soundtrack IS an option, im going to download all the best NFS I-Hot Stakes music I can find. Playing this game to the techno and rock that was in III would be epic!
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User Info: AuraLine

7 years ago#4
Let's just hope Criterion pulls through again. Paradise had a great custom soundtrack feature unlike some of the other games I've played. MC: LA's was just too loud and MotorStorm: PR couldn't let you change the song nor play it online.
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User Info: TristanH12

7 years ago#5
Well after seeing that soundtrack, I hope we can use a custom one. I might have to go through my songs and put my Uncharted, Shatter, and other instrumentals I have up there.

User Info: RedHawk4

7 years ago#6
Uncharted wouldn't be too bad for this game actually. I'd still go with the classics from NFS3 though.

User Info: crewrider93

7 years ago#7
does anyone know if you could customize your vehicle in the new nfs?

User Info: RedHawk4

7 years ago#8
Hot Pursuit is not nor was it ever about customization or tuning. It's about picking an exotic car, picking an exotic locale, and running from the cops/chasing down speeders. There will be no customization in this NFS aside from paint color and possibly transmission.

User Info: Lastbullet777

7 years ago#9
every racing game MUST come with the custom soundtrack option...this is something that proved Burnout Paradise. anyone who holds a copy of the game know what im talkin about

User Info: Sadako Ghost

Sadako Ghost
7 years ago#10
To people who've played the demo... any news on this?
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