Does this game have Local co-op?

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  3. Does this game have Local co-op?

User Info: R0YB0T

7 years ago#1
i doubt it does, but it is worth asking.
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User Info: MachX7

7 years ago#2

I don't think anyone has specifically said it wasn't included. However, given the fact that you aren't limited to staying on the same screen as each other, I would doubt there's a local co-op mode. Who knows though, maybe they are saving a surprise for us.

User Info: RockMan-NEO

7 years ago#3

Nope it dose not have local coop :/ only online

User Info: PlasticGear

7 years ago#4

Step into the shadows of the hell house: Castlevania is back in all its pixel-powered 2D glory, this time in full 1080p! Call upon the series' most hallowed heroes and vanquish your nemesis, Dracula! All-new multiplayer modes like 6-player Co-op and Survival have been whipped up for you, too... but enough talk. Have at it!


Day one buy...
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User Info: Wed_Niatnuom

7 years ago#5
What is this survival mode? Does it just keep throwing more and more enemies at you until you die, or have I missed my guess?
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User Info: MachX7

7 years ago#6

It's actually a pvp mode. Although I don't think we have seen or learned very much about it yet.

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  3. Does this game have Local co-op?

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