2 new characters + stage 7

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User Info: infinitexx

7 years ago#11
New User, yes, but convincing enough images.

Wouldn't be the first time some random group got access to DLC ahead of time. I still fondly remember that week I had the Halo 3 beta that I wasn't supposed to.
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User Info: cosmothehound

7 years ago#12
Looks legit .
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User Info: breadisgood

7 years ago#13
So what's the deal?

User Info: Blaster_x2

7 years ago#14


User Info: Tomu_Cat

7 years ago#15
I beleive it 100% no one would go out of their way to make fake screens of child maria, Julius and the pyramid level.

User Info: drako691

7 years ago#16
^ You're new to the internet, aren't you?
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User Info: Tomu_Cat

7 years ago#17
No its just really not epic enough to be worth faking.

User Info: Bonovox_40

7 years ago#18
Oh come on on guys. I love the castlevania series, i'd want to know about this as soon as possible too. So glad everyone has doubts and stuff.

Can someone please tell me where I can post a small video of it or will that get me in trouble? Like I said before, i've only uploaded pictures. I don't know where is safe to dump video footage.

But seriously?!?......You think someone would have time to create the entire Pyramid map just to be like "Fooled you all!!! Derp da derp!!" Yes, I don't have a bunch of posts but i'm not a troll.

I don't know how else to prove it to you doubters. There's no benefit for me to do this. I'm not the one who made it available, i'm just glad they did because it's FUN! That's the whole point of this is for people to enjoy, not flame. HELLO!?! There's DLC coming out with Julius/Maria and stage 7....is anybody happy or thankful for that?? No love over here.... >_<

User Info: BTHR_Zero_X

7 years ago#19
To those Stat Idiots

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Thank you for these Images it looks awesome

User Info: NickTheBlitz

7 years ago#20
Would you know how much it all costs, TC?
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