2 new characters + stage 7

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User Info: infinitexx

7 years ago#21
Also in his favor is that the account seems to be 4 years old.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and if you did fake it, that's a damn impressive job.
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User Info: StrayZeta

7 years ago#22
The character portraits are spot-on. I don't think anyone could mimic the art-style well enough to fake it, especially when the game has only been out for one day.
Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O'Brien

User Info: Blaster_x2

7 years ago#23

Is this my last resort?

User Info: Shadowfox83

7 years ago#24
Looks very legit, the only thing I would hope to be false is Kid-Maria. Really is her Symphony rendition always going to be a Saturn-exclusive. ;_;
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User Info: Bonovox_40

7 years ago#25
Forgot one pic. Maybe this helps:


and yes the bottom is cut off so you don't see the savegame User name. (for obvious reasons)

User Info: StrayZeta

7 years ago#26
Preeeetty sure the DXC and XBLA versions of SotN have adult Maria playable.
Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O'Brien

User Info: EdwardVonStein

7 years ago#27
Price would indeed be awesome to know...and whether or not a) that is all one package and b) there will be more...You know if this was all stuff they "unlocked" within the game, or whether those folks got their hands on that data some other way? Also, those hoping for adult Maria: a) Play the PSP version, kids, she's there too, with a rather different play style, granted. =p
b) She might still be available in future DLC, more based on her Saturn version, never lose heart...or at least not for a few months. ^_^;;

Thanks for the pictures, real or not. The fact that it shows artwork is in your favor, I think. Let's all hope for the best, whichever form that may take.

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User Info: jarnefeldt

7 years ago#28
drako is just being an idiot like usual - noone could fake something like that.

User Info: Lady_Siara

7 years ago#29
Is the level packaged with both characters or is it all separate?

User Info: DragonFaced

7 years ago#30
Dammit, lil Marie is lame.

Seriously, I'm tired of that little brat. :P

On the upside, can't wait to kick some serious ass with the kindly but stern old cattle ranch owner looking Julius Belmont again. Probably won't be playing anyone else once he's out.
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