2 new characters + stage 7

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User Info: Blaster_x2

7 years ago#61

Botzart posted...
@drako hector isn't even a sprite

Well if he isnt and were buying content they should be able to make ones,developers are getting cheap and greedy nowadays.

User Info: MachX7

7 years ago#62
TC, very sneaking posting pics in a new topic while I continued to check the old topic for the pics =P. Thank you a ton for posting these, they definitely look real to me. Here's hoping they wont charge more than 5 bucks for this dlc... and that it comes out very soon.

As far as getting in trouble for posting a video, I think it works the same way as posting pics. If you found out the information somewhere then you should be able to post it, plus the worse that could happen is that you'd be forced to take it back down.

User Info: wirelesscandie

7 years ago#63

Ill probably pick Maria, i dont have any other spells for Charlotte anyways. hope to see news on a release date sometime soon.

User Info: MachX7

7 years ago#64
Plus now we have a level that fits nicely with the "Hail from the Past" remix thats already included in the game. Why else would that song be in there anyway? Ya know?

User Info: Karnage891

7 years ago#65
Interesting... Not going to get either character unless they're bundled with the level, but I would buy stage 7. As long as it was 200 points or less. Not going to pay something absurd like an extra 33% onto the $15 price for like, 10% more content.
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User Info: Rhymefest

7 years ago#66
I have a feeling it'll either be free or priced similar to the Castle Crashers DLC.

User Info: NickTheBlitz

7 years ago#67
I don't know. Makoto for BlazBlue CS cost like $7? (620 or so mspoints), and you can only play as her in versus, challenge, and score attack mode. Very limited character, for costing almost $10.

I hope the DLC is dirt cheap or free (DW: Gundam 2's DLC was all free), but I don't know....
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User Info: Hidari

7 years ago#68
So that's why "Hail from the Past" is already included in the game.

User Info: Hidari

7 years ago#69
Also (sorry for double post), but you can't compare including a new character like Makoto in a fighting game to something like Maria or J in this game.

User Info: manonfiya

7 years ago#70
Not to mention Blazblue costs more than double what this game costs..
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