2 new characters + stage 7

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User Info: Bonovox_40

7 years ago#91
I guess if you look at it, at the worst i'm doing is pulling a "National Enquirer" and showing "celebrity" photos of stuff they haven't shown out of the industry yet. Although i'm not 100% sure what the legality of showing media is, in this regard.
I guess, whoever wants to remove the media or ban it is welcome to if that's what it comes down too. Either way, it's just pics/vid.

User Info: numberrrr

7 years ago#92
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: numberrrr

7 years ago#93
Yeah don't worry Bono, if they want the goods, Wired will do their own research. They get paid posting news at their site anyways, but what do the generous info spreaders get?

User Info: c0rr0s10n

7 years ago#94
ok, i was skeptical about the video until he zoomed out. only this game has that feature so therefore its legit. good find whoever...

i can't wait to see how much this will cost. i already hate the level and the stupid snowballs rolling down the pyramid.
Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime?

User Info: numberrrr

7 years ago#95
That stage is so unique and kickass awesome!!!!!!!!

User Info: CarCrashClutter

7 years ago#96
Wow, who'd have thought for once Kotaku links me to GameFAQs and not the other way around?

Nice find TC, also, big props for your U2 username.
So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat.

User Info: cameeu

7 years ago#97
I saw a video on tube yesterday, he had Maria Renard unlocked, but he chose to play some other char >.> youtube search "Gramy w Castlevania: Harmony of Despare"
it shows her at 00:34 into the video

User Info: the_aussie_man

7 years ago#98
Not sure if asked but does any of the DLC include new achievements? Have you signed on Xbox Live while playing?


User Info: VideoGamer1990

7 years ago#99
Is Julius' sprite new or does it have new animations? He definitely does not have the same running animation as he did in AoS and DoS.
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User Info: shootsmack

7 years ago#100

I don't think his sprite is new, but he doies have a few added animations for whipping and such. His sprite is the one from Dawn of Sorrow but he looked entirely different (and better) in Aria of Sorrow.
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