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Worst Character?

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User Info: Cap1211

7 years ago#1
Who do you think the worst character is?

After playing for a while as a ridiculously overpowered Charlotte with about 10 spells maxed out and all spells learned and leveled to some degree I find myself kinda bored with her.
Toxic Bubbles is OP, Heal is like easy mode, Even my book is hitting for like 50 dmg each time on hard. I want to play as the worst character for a real challenge.

I think I may go with Jonathan.
The legendary whip ~Vampire Killer~ seems pretty weak and slow, there doesn't seem to be a really high damage subweapon that can match the damage of spells (200+ dmg per cast), his flashy but kinda useless martial arts...

A character that takes real skill to use, not just standing near a boss and spamming spells.
Plus it would be nice to jump kick again.

Unless there is an even worse character that takes even more skill to use...

User Info: Prototype909

7 years ago#2
Until somebody maxes out all of Johnathon's subweapons I think it's too soon to judge him. Last night my strength was at something like 22, after leveling up some of the sub-weapons I had never used before it reached 33. I imagine that once all of his weapons are maxed (Keep in mind, they get stronger too) he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

User Info: Akaimizu

7 years ago#3
Jonathan is pretty easy. His whip takes a while to get strong based on the fact you have to obtain all of his secondary attacks, and then level them to power it up. If you only power up a few of his secondary attacks, it's ok, but he wont be as strong as if you get as many of his secondaries as possible, and then cycle them in to level them up.

It takes a pretty short time to get weapons to level 3, and a little more time to get them to 4. So even if a secondary seems silly at first, don't disregard it. Get your secondaries to level 3 and up pronto. His stats get pretty strong fairly quick. Also, take note that he can fire off some of his secondaries really fast and some do multiple strike damage.

His axe and grenades take like no time to get pretty strong, given how fast he can use them and how many hits he technically lands within a given time.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

7 years ago#4
Basically if you played all the DS games you'd know that their is no "bad" CV character. Especially end game because they have a whole host of godly equipment
stacked on top of their special abilities.
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User Info: RPG_Apostle

7 years ago#5
Personally I find charlotte the worst character... To play as.

She's easily capable of insane damage, nobody can deny that. But I find her incredibly boring to play as.

I find the whip to be plenty fast with great reach, and yes, some of his martial arts are useless, while some are insane.

I think Charlotte just isn't that true "castlevania experience", but maybe its just me.
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User Info: Quinburger

7 years ago#6
Yeah, he seems to scale very well. I think he's be very good once fully maxed out.

It's hard to say who's weakest at this point. Initially I'd say Soma and Alucard, as they don't scale on skill use and get most of their power from weapon drops. But who knows, maybe there's amazingly strong weapons out there that make them gods. (shield rod for alucard? Some sort of machine gun for soma? =p)

Overall, all of the characters seem fully viable and have advantages and disadvantages

User Info: JDS901

7 years ago#7
alucard, he's good at first then he's just too generic as others get stronger
gamertag: Smitty901

User Info: leezeebub

7 years ago#8
I thought the general concensus was that alucard was the worst?
Anyway, personally I don't like soma, I only played him for a little while but I just found him too slow and clunky
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User Info: Cap1211

7 years ago#9
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User Info: Minamo

7 years ago#10
Sadly, Jonathan is the easily worst. His whip is awful. Slow, weak even after leveling sub-weapons, spinning it is near useless, and its irreplaceable. You're going to be relying on his sub-weapons, but his MP regen is too slow to take advantage of them like you can with the two girl's spells, not to mention the powerful weapons like the Cross cost more than any of Shanoa's spells. Martial Arts have a tiny reach and put you in harms way. His only saving grace may be his Roll, but I've never gotten it myself.
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