Charlotte's Spell List (22 Spells So Far)

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User Info: ErifderX

6 years ago#1
This may or may not be a complete list. I'm still convinced there are other spells in the game we just haven't found yet.

Thanks to the other topic (, I was able to sit down and figure out how to acquire all these spells. Essentially this is just a compilation of what everyone found and came up with, but I went ahead and added some things to make it easier to locate and find for everyone.

You'll find the name of the spell, the monster's name included from the Compendium, the Stage Levels where I personally found it most convenient to acquire multiple copies of a spell, a short physical description of a monster in case you don't have it in your Compendium or are too lazy to look, and a description of exactly which spell a monster casts that you can acquire.

You will absolutely want to spend time obtaining 9 copies of each spell. Yes, 9. With more spells and copies of each spell in Charlotte's spell book, Charlotte will become more powerful in terms of attack and spell power. Please note that when you equip a spell, it uses 1 from your inventory. This means if you truly have 9 copies and you're in your equipment menu, it will say you only have 8 copies. I say this only because some people might be farming hours for a 9th copy of a spell they already have.

I feel it pertinent to also remark, for those that are unaware, that you can only acquire a spell once from a monster for each time you start a level. For example, there are only 4 Frozen Shades in Stage 2. This means you can get Ice Needle from EACH ONE of them within your 30-minute time limit. Once you get the spell from each one, you will have to defeat the boss, die, or run out of time in order to start the stage over to obtain 4 more copies of the spell.

Spell Name: Monster Name [Stage Level(s)] (Monster Description) {Absorbing Spell Description}

Acidic Bubbles: Glasya Labolas [2,3] (Dog) {Multiple Green Bubbles}

Dark Inferno: Dracula [6] (1st Form) {Big, Dark Fiery Balls}

Deathscythe: Death [5] (Can be anywhere in level) {Miniature Sickles that Constantly Annoy}

Demonseed: Man-eating Plant [2] (Large Plant) {Tiny Floating Seeds}

Energy Flow: Witch [4] (With Hat and Broom) {White Spark that Follows You}

Featherblades: Harpy [5] (Half Bird, Half Woman) {Twirls and Throws 3 Brown Blades}

Fireball: Bone Pillar [1] (Stacking Bones) {Only Attack is to Shoot Fireballs}

Flame Shot: Fire Demon [4] (Red Demon, Has Two Horns) {Will Follow You and Cast It}

Ghost Chaser: Dracula [6] (2nd Form), Dullahan [4,6] (Giant Armor and a Floating Head) {Purple/Pink Energy that Follows You and Curses You}

Heal: Witch [4] (With Hat and Broom) {A Rainbow Healing Beam}

Hellfire: Dracula [6] (1st Form) {Multiple Tiny Fireballs}

Ice Fang: Sea Demon [6] (Blue Demon, Has Hammerhead) {Will Follow You and Cast It}

Ice Needle: Frozen Shade [2] (Transparent Floating Blue Woman) {Summons Four Icicles and Hurls Them}

Nightmare: Malachi [6] (Cthulu-like Alien Creature) {Casts a Large Ball}

Piercing Beam: Nova Skeleton [5,6] (Green Skeletons) {A Purple Pulsing Beam}

Poison Spores: Moldy Corpse [2] (Mushrooms on Backs) {Spews Green Fog}

Raging Fire: Minotaur [1] (Half Bull, Half Man), White Dragon [2] (A Gray, Bony Dragon that Clings to the Wall) {Constant Stream of Fire}

Sickle Moon: Imp [2,6] (Annoying Purple Winged Creatures) {Will Shoot a Crescent-Shaped Projectile}

Splash Needle: Merman [1] (Lifesize Red Fish) {Will Spew Streams of Water}

Summon Gunman: Skeleton Gunman [5] (3 Purple-Covered Skeletons with Rifles) {Will Take Turns Firing Unseen Bullets}

Summon Skeleton: Skeleton [1] (Bone-Throwing Human Skeletons) {Tosses Bones in Your General Direction}

Thunderbolt: Thunder Demon [6] (Yellow Demon, Has Single Horn) {Will Follow You and Cast It}

User Info: ErifderX

6 years ago#2
*A few things to note. You can only acquire either Dark Inferno or Hell Fire once in a single battle with Dracula. This means if you want to max both of them out, you'll have to fight Dracula at least 18 times just for these spells.

*I found Ghost Chaser to be easier to acquire from Dracula's 2nd form simply because he fires 5 at a time. If you're trying to acquire the spell before facing Dracula you can get it from Dullahan, but getting it from Dracula is just less time consuming since you'll have to fight him 18 times anyway...

*Yes, Heal can be a pain to acquire. Yes, it's worth it.

User Info: solarlens

6 years ago#3
This list will be very helpful for me since I only ust started. Thanks for your effort.

Though I am pretty sure the imps are in level 3 not 2 and I remember coming across a single ice demon in a level before 6 as well (since I haven't even played 6th level yet).

Also there is a spell in Dracula's 2nd form so would absorbing either of the fire spells in the first form prevent me from picking up the one in the 2nd form because of the whole "only one spell per enemy" rule?
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User Info: NekoSlave

6 years ago#4
Awesome list, play only as Charlotte and thought D's spells were limited to Alucard, just like SotN. Kept blocking, just didn't learn them yet. Will have to try hehe.
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User Info: SweetMadness

6 years ago#5
DAMN YOU TC! I was all bored, and needed a break from playing, ran out did some shopping got lunch, figure "Hey I'll post Charlottes spells list."

DAMN! YOU. Beat me to the punch, that's what I get for needing food... damn mortality

As a side note am I the only one that got a chuckle out of "dark fiery balls?"
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User Info: selestiae

6 years ago#6
Is there some strategy for absorbing Dark Inferno without getting your character trashed? Even with dodging everything else, you can't block them and they take out about 1/7th of your hp every time you get hit..

User Info: drako691

6 years ago#7
So can you get Hellfie/Dark inferno AND ghost chaser in one fight?
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User Info: sdat

6 years ago#8
Is there some strategy for absorbing Dark Inferno without getting your character trashed? Even with dodging everything else, you can't block them and they take out about 1/7th of your hp every time you get hit..

They just need to hit the shield. You can duck under the high infernos and they'll pass over the edge of your shield. The low infernos are harder to get, you'll need to jump towards them with the shield activated, and not get too close to them.

User Info: ErifderX

6 years ago#9
Yes - You can get either Dark Inferno or Hell Fire in Dracula's 1st form.

Then once he's in the 2nd form you can acquire Ghost Chaser.


The method I used for Dark Inferno is this. He shoots four of the "dark fiery balls" if you'll notice. They alternate in terms of the first one he shoots is high, the second is low, the third is high, the fourth is low.

What I do is DUCK. Active the Right Button barrier to attempt to absorb it. Then jump over the second ball. Do another DUCK and attempt to absorb with the third ball. Then jump over the fourth ball. That'll give you two attempts per go.

You can also attempt to absorb the fourth and final ball after you've jumped it. You can time your jump so you activate the absorb barrier in the air and catch it as you're falling down and it is still hurling itself forward. With this, you can attempt to capture it three times.

Yes it'll use up 30> MP, but sometimes it can take a LONG time to absorb it...

User Info: ErifderX

6 years ago#10
There are imps in level 3 as well. This might actually be more useful to acquire since they DO respawn a lot as well. I just found the one room with about four imps in the 2nd stage more useful when I was also acquiring Ice Needle as well. Honestly the 3rd stage might be the easiest to acquire this.

Like I said, I put the stages in which I personally found it made more sense to acquire. They are by no means the best, but I also didn't want to put every stage a monster appeared in since Skeletons show up in almost every single of them.

Use the guide as a "starting point," and if you find another stage that's more convenient for you, go for it! I tried to group enemies together to get as many spells as I could in a runthrough.
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