What is the Gungner?

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User Info: Oynx545

7 years ago#1
It's an item for Soma, right? What does it do?

Just asking to know if I should farm for it.

User Info: Milox3

7 years ago#2
I'm not 100% sure, but when I saw it on someone. It's a huge staff that can shoot a beam like the one from Chapter 1 boss.

User Info: Pyrogoat

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Oynx545

7 years ago#4
Does it at least compare to the Claimah Solas or Death Scythe?

User Info: CRIM50N

7 years ago#5
The Gungner is a spear like weapon, doing the special attack (sweeping to the side and attack button) lets out a long reaching bolt. I don't know how far it goes, I sold it almost as quickly as I got it as I hate the spears and have Death Scythe anyways. The stat for Gungner is 22 attack.
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User Info: Oynx545

7 years ago#6
I don't know the attack values for the other weapons to compare it to, as I never really checked.

User Info: Lockeadon

7 years ago#7
But the special attack does MUCH more damage than that.
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User Info: SpizMackk

7 years ago#8
it also hits twice instantly

User Info: shark2j

7 years ago#9
Guniner if I spelled it right is Odins spear. Elec Element
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User Info: MrZetsubou

7 years ago#10
Some guy just got Gungner and Valmanway in a row... (excluding stage 5)
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