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User Info: Dustin1280

7 years ago#231
Chapter 1: Hercules Ring, Daybreak (Alucard), Spiked Boots, Blue Knuckles (Alucard)
Chapter 2: Holbein Dagger (Alucard)
Chapter 3: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Heaven Sword (Alucard), Slick Boots
Chapter 4: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Olrox's Suit, Daybreak (Alucard), Gold Ring
Chapter 5: Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Holy Veil, Milican's Sword, Moonwalkers, Masamune
Chapter 6: Satan's Ring (Soma), Mercury Boots, Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa), Daybreak (Alucard), Vorpal Blade (Alucard)

Chapter 1: Tough Ring, Mjollnjr (Soma), Spiked Mail (Jonathan), Combo Boots
Chapter 2: Thief Ring, Muramasa, Healing Mail (Jonathan/Shanoa)
Chapter 3: Chaos Ring, Nebula (Soma), Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa)
Chapter 4: Alucard Sword (Alucard), Gungner (Soma), Feather Gear
Chapter 5: Death's Robe, Death's Scythe (Soma), Ancient Armor, Berserker Mail, Lapiste (Shanoa), Pneuma (Shanoa)
Chapter 6: Valmanway, Dracula Tunic (Alucard/Soma), Winged Boots, Claimh Solais (Soma), Simon's Plate (Jonathan), Impervious Mail, Minerva’s Mail (Shanoa).

Character Specific Drops:
If a weapon is listed, w/o character specific information, it drops for Alucard OR Soma.
If an armor is listed w/o character specific information, it drops for whatever characters would normally be able to equip it.
If anything else is listed w/o character specific information, it drops for everyone.

Although the following are not boss only drops, Dracula (on hard mode) can also drop the following:

Simon's Gear- all of simon's gear can be received from purple chests in level 6 (hard) EXCEPT for Simon's Plate

Minerva's Gear- all of Minerva's gear can be received from purple chests in level 6 (hard) EXCEPT for the Minerva Mail

Muse’s Tiara - can also be received from level 6 (hard) purple chests.

Berserker Mail, Ancient Armor, and Yasutsuna are more likely to drop from Death than Dracula.

The Yasutsuna can be dropped from both Dracula and Death (on hard), but it is much more commonly dropped from purple chests on Chapter 5 (hard).

Princess coat is NOT a boss only drop and can be found through chapter 5 purple chests (hard).

Combo Boots moved to HARD chapter 1 instead of normal chapter 1, anyone should be able to get these.
Daybreaker renamed to Daybreak, Feathered Gear renamed to Feather Gear.
Yasutsuna removed from drop list, gold ring added to drop list.
Blue Knuckles added
Claimh Solais spelling corrected, Dracula's Tunic clarified
Grammar corrections per TimothyTG implemented.
Masamune added, thanks Xigbar
Added Pneuma/Lapiste on hard 3 / 5. I haven't personally seen this, but many people have mentioned it, it's about time I add them.

List 100% Complete

User Info: Dustin1280

7 years ago#232
Brawl Code: 1032-0922-1772 Brawl Name: D
RIP: Orlando of the Axe Karma: 1642 --he delivered!

User Info: zenxacred

7 years ago#233
bump indeed. i subscribe to Hidden's method of farming.

no luck. fast runs. no damage. got me a couple of ancient armors, berserker mail, and a second death scythe in about 30 runs.


now for a second thief ring and i'm done with rare farming! thanks xcon for the list!
~ -SG- | Admin of the HoC-Council~
GT: ZenXacred

User Info: Dustin1280

7 years ago#234
Brawl Code: 1032-0922-1772 Brawl Name: D
RIP: Orlando of the Axe Karma: 1642 --he delivered!

User Info: Hidden-Assassin

7 years ago#235
Speaking of my method (thanks for the mention, I am glad it is working for you, and it is really a combination that I used (hundreds of times), derived from several theories I had seen posted/experimented with from here)..... Here it is in full....

Score Matters....

You get a fast overall run = score
You grab some chests on the way without impeding fast run potential = score.
You grab secret item on the way = score.
You get last hit on the Boss = score.
You get no-damage bonus = score.

(Just want to reinforce here, the importance of opening the chest right away too, rather than running around trying to backtrack for skipped waters-of-lifes, to save the unfortunate few who perished in the battle)

So as long as you are not impacting the fast time of the run overall, and can add the above opportunities to further increase your score in the process of doing said fast/no-damage runs... There is a chance that you have somewhat increased your potential to qualify for being rewarded one of the more-rare items in the Boss chest.

Beyond that....

Applying the above, along w/ my low-luck method... I (and the people I have played with) have successfully gotten multiples of every rare in the game.

I also found in my trials (hundreds of runs, while applying the above), that the potential for getting a rare is increased, if the person that does the no-damage run, opens the chest. But unfortunately, the people that don't open it, are more likely to be the recipients of the rares, so it can be tricky.

The best way to get your luck down to zero (I prefer ' 1' though), for each character you are working with, is to equip either the Skull Mask, or 2 Skull Necklaces.

Your results "can/will" vary, but good luck to all.....

User Info: Setzer_Gabbinai

7 years ago#236
Anyone have any tips or advice for getting the rare drops while playing solo, as I sometimes don't have the time to farm with others

User Info: Hidden-Assassin

7 years ago#237
Use my above-posted method for solo as well, sir. Just apply common sense, and eliminate aspects of that well-described method, that would include 2 or more people....

User Info: pandajj222

7 years ago#238
This might be something interesting.. I've compiled a list for myself for items that i'm missing in the compendium regardless of rarity. I did this because I've gotten Drac Tunic-->wing boots-->2 valmanways-->Simon's Gear--> Minerva's Mail and thot i'm done with the game. But for completion's sake, I'm still missing the following from the item compendium.

Chapter 1 Normal
Alucard - Blue Knucles (Boss)
Everyone Minus Charlotte Spiked Boots (Boss)

Chapter 2 Normal
Charlotte/Shanoa - Clover Tiara (Blue)

Chapter 3 Normal
Soma/Jonathan/Shanoa - Slick Boots

Chapter 4 Normal
Alucard/Soma- Olrox's Suit(Boss)

Chapter 5 Normal
Soma/Alucard - Milican's Sword (Boss)
Charlotte/Shanoa - Clover Tiara (Purple)
Shanoa - Lapiste (Boss)

Chapter 6 Normal
Alucard - Holy Sword (Purple)
Shanoa - Valkyrie Mask (Boss)
Soma - Satan's Ring (Boss)

Chapter 1 Hard
Soma - Mjollnjr (Boss)
Jonathan- Spiked Mail (Boss)
Jonathan - Staurolite (Boss, Purple)
Jonathan - Tough Ring (Boss)

Chapter 2 Hard
Soma - Muramasa (Boss)
Jonathan - Brilliant Mail (Boss)
Jonathan - Healing Mail(Boss)
Charlotte/Shanoa Frilly Camisole (Boss)
Everyone - Thief Ring (Boss)

Chapter 3 Hard
Shanoa - Crimson Mask (Purple, Boss)
Shanoa - Crimson Mail (Purple, Boss)
Shanoa - Lapiste(Boss)
Charlotte/Shanoa- Cocktail Dress(Green, Blue)
Charlotte/Shanoa Frilly Camisole (Purple,Boss)
Jonathan - Cuirass (Purple)
Jonathan - Hauberk (Purple)
Everyone - Chaos Ring (Boss)

Chapter 4 Hard
Alucard - Alucard Sword(Boss)
Soma - Gunger (Boss)
Charlotte/Shanoa Frilly Camisole (Purple)
Everyone- Feather Gear (Boss)

Chapter 5 Hard
Soma - Death Sycthe (Boss)
Shanoa - Valkyrie Mail (Purple)
Shanoa - Lapiste (Boss)

Chapter 6 Hard
Shanoa - Valkyrie Mask (Purple)
Shanoa - Crimson Mail (Blue)
Shanoa - Minerva Greaves (Purple)
Charlotte/Shanoa - Sequined Dress (Boss)

Note #1 Minerva's Mail actually sucks ass, you're way better off with Death's Robe.
Note #2 I also have 1 Lapiste and 1 Satan's Ring, i just wanted another one
Note #3 I'm guessing most of you will be following my hunting path(yats->vals->simon/Minerva) so these are the stuff that you will be very likely missing.
Note #4 I'm also missing some boss souls(except dracula) for soma
Note #5 I have shanoa maxxed and Jonathan half way(5 lv 9, few lv 8 and the rest lv 7)...umm yeah i just feel like bragging... sorry :P

User Info: littlewheels4

7 years ago#239
I received my second Valmanway on my first try after equipping all luck gear and dead warrior soul(maxed). I only posted this because NO ONE has proven that the low (or high) luck actually has any bearing on the drop items. All the speculation on how the drop list is compiled is ridiculous. Someone(not me) who has the time needs to dig through the code and find it. Otherwise, I would also add the following.

The list has only a finite amount of Valmanways for one day and since I got mine at 5 in the morning, my conclusion is that you must farm earlier than everyone else to get a rare item.

If you stand under the right leg of dracula's chair when you open the chest you are more likely to get rare items. I have a friend who tested this and he got two Valmanway's in 80 dracula kills.

If you are playing on Mondays it is impossible to get a rare item because the universe doesn't like Mondays and neither do I.

These are just a view things I have observed while playing the game.

User Info: Whitesburg

7 years ago#240

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