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User Info: dmhenderson76

6 years ago#1
So I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this because after level 6 it gets brutal:

1) Does the mastery ring effect stack - IE Does wearing two improve your exp gain rate? There's a marked difference wearing two souleater rings (as Soma), but I don't seem to notice much of an improvement (if any) wearing two mastery rings.

2) Ideal gear setup? I've been using normal gear but it dawned on me a bit ago that using +int stuff to boost your MP might be more useful. Are there any items I'm not thinking of that would be beneficial?

3) Location? I've been doing the first half of chapter 6 (hard) up to the point where you get the 3 1k treasure chests (to mitigate the cost of high mind-ups), then dying and starting over. Is there a better place to grind?

4) I heard someone say once that post-level 6, you can't gain xp in the lower hard levels anymore. Is that accurate?

User Info: blackito

6 years ago#2

If you want to grind his sub's. Host a survival on hard, make it invite only and invite a friend who will do it with you and attack the boss. Alot faster than doing like I did, which was grind on Menace

Master rings stack

If you are going to do the survival thing

Use a Master Ring and a Astral Ring so you can an hero once you get down to low enough health

Dash cancle, etc etc. Though you can do it anywhere really. I liked doing it on CH3 hard boss, since it doesnt matter if you kill the boss, it levels per hit not per kill.

User Info: DiscoStook

6 years ago#3
Here is the best trick i know of.

Get yourself an Astral Ring and a Master Ring. Now find yourself a partner for Survival Hard mode. Equip the Sub you wish to level to the down + B button. Now hold down and pres B and LB as fast as you can. Die, rinse, repeat.

Good luck!

P.S. Trick does not work near as well for Axe, Wrecking ball, Bible and Cross because their number of hits on an enemy seems to be limited by time intervals rather than number of contacts on target.

Look up GT: Da Stook if you need help sometime.

User Info: MurderDeathKill

6 years ago#4
1. Yes
2. Depends on where you intend to grind:
-Chapter 3 or 6? Anything that increases int or max MP.
-Survival Chapter 1 hard? Anything that increases HP, one master ring, and one astral ring.
3. Survival Chapter 1 Hard, just make a thread and somebody will usually respond pretty quick.
4. This question confuses me: Are you asking if you can't gain experience on subweapons on anything below Chapter 6 hard, once you've beaten it? This is false. You can still grind your subweapons anywhere, but it'll take a VERY long time outside of grinding on Menace, Final Guards, or Gergoth.

User Info: dmhenderson76

6 years ago#5
Heh, I've leveled the cross and holy water to 7 without using any of these tricks. Everything else is level 6. This is super helpful.

is wearing the astral ring to effective triple your MP more efficient than wearing two master rings to boost the gain effect? Would seem to me that it would be faster to wear two master rings and just suicide when you run out of MP.

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