just played a full multiplayer game where dracula dissapeared.

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  3. just played a full multiplayer game where dracula dissapeared.

User Info: ellita

7 years ago#1
he turned into his second form, and then went invisible. nowhere to be found. and after a few minutes of just standing around in confusion the gold chest dropped.

anyone ever have this happen?

User Info: SpiritBakura

7 years ago#2
no but hearts on fire! strong desire!

User Info: SKYMAN07

7 years ago#3
Yeah I had the same thing happen a few days ago.

Most likely a glitch or a hack.


User Info: Skull06

7 years ago#4
no but hearts on fire! strong desire!

Dear Lord, that made my night. LMFAO.

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User Info: BoloVic

7 years ago#5
Were you using soma? The easy way to make him disappear is hitting Dracula when he goes to form 3 and immediately using the medusa head. He disappears everytime.
GT: Bolo Vic

User Info: drako691

7 years ago#6
Same thing happened to me in CH 3, but no one was using Soma but me and I had Death's soul.
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User Info: Arsic

7 years ago#7
Yeah that's definitely a glitch. It happened to a few people fairly early in the release. Search for "dracula disappears". There might be a few topics about it.

User Info: Moose0fWoe

7 years ago#8
Happened to me once but on his third form.

He appeared, saw a bunch of Sovalmanyasucards and took off through the ceiling. No chest dropped.

He couldn't hurt/hit me and I couldn't hurt/hit him either. It happened to one of the other players at the same time. We both ran around aimlessly while our 4 other team members kept getting killed as skeletons.

Not sure if the chest would have eventually dropped or not as time ran out.
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User Info: hollyhoodj

7 years ago#9
lol when we were fighting him he vanished. after a while, people were dying left and right and i was the only 1 left lol
psn: hollyhoodj
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User Info: HackedtoPieces1

7 years ago#10
3 times in a row a couple of nights ago. Still happens every now and then, usually on the 3rd form transformation.
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  3. just played a full multiplayer game where dracula dissapeared.

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