Fuma's Armor Stats

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User Info: CaptainGordon

6 years ago#11
With the added MP regen, Fuma gear does sound better than the Retro gear then!

Its suprising that the awesome Retro set would be (pretty much) outclassed so soon. Alucard and Soma still have Draculas Tunic, so Im sure they'll be alright (although a new helm might by nice... Draculas Toupee, or Mustache perhaps?), but now the ladies could really do with some new sets to look for!
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User Info: NicholasIX

6 years ago#12
I hear that fuma greaves go as fast as sonic boots

User Info: KyanFantasy

6 years ago#13
Hmm so the boots are as fast as the Sonic boots with better stats, nice.

User Info: Milox3

6 years ago#14
They could add the "heart crown" or whatever the name was, of the best helm for shanoa from OoE for the girls :(

Alucard needs more, either a new spell or something that lets him do decent damage ranged.
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User Info: HoboBobulus

6 years ago#15
Wow. This feels like a huge kick in the crotch to anyone (myself included) that took the time to farm for retro gear. The attack stats for Fuma's armor pieces are better due to the same STR but better INT, and the MP regen on each piece (plus the 9 extra INT) makes the 48 less MP a non-issue. Meanwhile, the 4 less defense and 48 less health only matter if you don't learn to dodge.

Seriously. This would be like if this chapter had a Claimh Solais +2.

User Info: L10nH34Rt

6 years ago#16

Well no, I'd prefer some of the Retro Stuff for Simon...

User Info: Articuno5

6 years ago#17
Fuma gear has MP on every piece.

Helm: 30 MP
Armor: 30 MP
Greaves: 10 MP

22 more MP than the Retro set.

User Info: COLL1N

6 years ago#18
Can you get this armor from chests while using whip characters? And Since I don't have the character can I still get it. I want this armor badly
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User Info: HoboBobulus

6 years ago#19
So, I guess that pretty much voids the only saving grace that Retro armor had, other than wearing it solely for a measly 48 hit points, or a pointless luck boost.

What's more, I'm reading that all of the Fuma pieces come out of purple chests. Why the hell did I even waste my time farming Ch. 10?

User Info: COLL1N

6 years ago#20
I guess the only good Retro piece is the cape for the INT boost lol...
oAs LEWIS 1v1 record 1-0, Suicide record 0-1, Rockets record 0-1

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