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Best non-Fuma gear for Getsu Fuma?

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  3. Best non-Fuma gear for Getsu Fuma?

User Info: Knight_Of_Order

6 years ago#1
Im kinda tired of chapter 11 so im looking for other gear for my Fuma, anyone?
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User Info: maathimself

6 years ago#2
Death's Robe. You can get it from chapter 10 hard, R Death drops it.
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User Info: ArkThompson

6 years ago#3
If you have good gear for your Soma then you are better off just running ch.5 hard, shouldn't take more than 2 minutes a run.

User Info: GeneralFox

6 years ago#4
Fuma Head > then either Dragon or Samura

Fuma Body > Death's Robe

Fuma Feet > Sonic Boots > Winged Boots

Assassin's Cape or Bishamon Raiment ( I find on bosses his sub weapons are better a majority of the time, his sword does nice damage but has even worse range then Yoko's melee... and the flames do 7-10 without berserker mail... )

Rings... Either Miser Rings or Chaos... I usually do Miser so I can kill normal enemies easier with my sword though...
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User Info: Axelhander

6 years ago#5


User Info: Cactrot

6 years ago#6
Mine wears a Royal Crown right now. As long as you're utilizing your subweapons, the 5 INT should be more useful than the 2 ATK you could get from the Samurai Helm.

His subweapon strength and MP regen rate allow him to rely on War Drum and Hexplosives very safely while doing great damage.
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  3. Best non-Fuma gear for Getsu Fuma?

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