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Best Shanoa Gear/Weapons?

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User Info: Devilfire111

6 years ago#1
So, I've decided to FINALLY work on Shanoa, and I was wondering..

What's the best helm, armor, (no need for shoes, I wear Sonic Boots), cape, and accessories for her?

and what X/Y weapons should I go for? I only have Confodere, and as for Hunter Skills, I only have Ignis, which is level 3.

What's the best Hunter Skills/Equipment/Weapons for Shanoa? ..and where can I find them?

User Info: AntiReligionist

6 years ago#2
You should get Lapistes from chapter 5 normal or hard, but normal is faster and with full luck you will probably get them much easier than people who didn't use luck gear back in the time we didn't know a s*** about luck. Then there are Sinestro- and Dextro Custos aka the Cerberus glyphs which are obtained from chapter 10 normal boss chest or hard purple and boss chest. there are also Pneumas which too can be gotten from chapter 5 hard boss chest.

For equipment you should get:
Holy Veil gives 10 int and therefore boosts the power of Shanoa's spells.
Robe Decollete gives boost to mp recovery though I do not know it's stats as I don't have it yet =(.
And I guess there is then Miser Rings(chapter 7 hard boss) Which are useful for every physical character and
Chaos rings which give boost to mp recovery but Shanoa doesn't really need that much mp recovery.
So Artemisian and Apollonian rings are good for giving great stat boosts, they work like Sun- and Moon Stone and can be obtained from chapter 8 hard purple chests.

Well this is all that comes to my mind right now.

Edit: Oh I use Bishamon Raiment as cape which is gotten from chapter 11 purple chests on hard and it boosts mp recovery like Robe Decollete which I don't have and there aren't really any other useful capes for her.
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User Info: Devilfire111

6 years ago#3
Well, right now I have:


Holy Veil
Death's Robe
Sonic Boots
Bishamon Raiment
Miser Ring
Miser Ring

Purple Beam (forgot name)
Ice Shard (forgot name)
Thunder (forgot name)

User Info: Iceaxe0140

6 years ago#4
If you're going for straight physical attack Shanoa:

minerva mask (common drop ch 6 hard purple chests)
robe decollete (ch 7 hard boss chest)/berserker mail (ch 5 hard boss chest)
bishamon cape (there's the assasin's cape, but you're really better off adding something else for such a low atk increase)
sonic boots
dual miser rings

The person above already mentioned the stuff for a magic build Shanoa with the holy veil, artemisian/apollonian rings, etc

As for weapons. I would just obtain two of each type. They all have their applications in certain chapters.

I find I enjoy using pneuma more than the other glyph weapons since it's kind of like a slower more ranged valmanway. Works well on ground enemies. Aerial enemies you might have more problems with, but that's when magic is more useful.

the dextro and sinestro glyph weapons are pretty similar to lapiste in range. Dextro custos if probably the more useful since more enemies are weak to fire damage. Sinestro custos has more limited use. Lapiste is better for straight strike damage.

All the glyph weapons are useful. It just depends on your preference. In any case, you won't be relying on the weapon glyphs too much when first starting Shanoa because you need to level her magic spells first to increase her atk stat. Focus more on spamming spells until you get all her spells between 7-9.

User Info: RDS1

6 years ago#5
I believe it's:

Helm: Holy Veil
Armor: Berserker Mail / Robe Decollete
Back: Bishamon Raiment
Accessory: 2 Miser Rings for melee builds / 2 Apollonian/Artemisian/Chaos Rings for caster builds

Globus (Chapter 8 Hard purple & boss chests)
Acerbatus (Chapter 9 Hard purple & boss chests)
Fulgur (absorb from Aliorumnas)
Grando (absorb from Aliorunmas) / Nitesco (absorb from Nova Skeleton) / Luminatio (Chapter 11 Normal/Hard boss chest)

Personally, I like Lapiste x2, but apparently Dextro/Sinestro Custos (Chapter 10 Hard purple & boss chests) is better, considering I never see any Shanoas using Pneuma or Lapiste anymore.

User Info: Sputnik1337

6 years ago#6

From: RDS1 | #005
Personally, I like Lapiste x2, but apparently Dextro/Sinestro Custos (Chapter 10 Hard purple & boss chests) is better, considering I never see any Shanoas using Pneuma or Lapiste anymore.

the elemental damage is nice for exploiting weaknesses
TWSSted Colonel

User Info: RDS1

6 years ago#7
I don't like them due to purely aesthetic reasons. >_>

User Info: Schwaumlaut

6 years ago#8
The Custos glyphs have really eaten Pneuma's lunch, but Lapiste still has a place against stuff weak to blunt (more of that around than you might expect).
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