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User Info: The_Lost_Panda

5 years ago#1
Well as the title implies, I found this game just randomly surfing hope you all enjoy. Its a online almost mmo style castlevania, with free downloadable stages and stuff.

User Info: dunn_dolo_4life

5 years ago#2
im iffy about trying it. Everythings in spanish, although I did take spanish I and II in school. I still dont understand half the crap thats up there. Still it is a tempting game to try out. If I dont see you guys in a while its probably because I got a taco virus on my computer from trying this game out.
Dunnys adventure in Pokemon Black so far: Just defeated the Gym leader who uses bugs and has a hideout made of honey. Where are the roaches when you need them?

User Info: kiwimyweewee

5 years ago#3
Is that a flash game?
Not Skittles!

User Info: The_Lost_Panda

5 years ago#4
It has an english option for the site just click the American/England flag. No its not a flash game it has no installer once you download just click the exe and it runs. Oh and you might want to change the language to English before you get to far. As far as I know theres no virus on it I scanned it with adaware and norton, so I think its safe. I think its fun you can make your own characters and stages and trade em online. Hope this helps

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