Looking for help please.

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User Info: zangetsu60

4 years ago#1
i just started playing this game for less than a month and ready now to play more often.I enjoy playing more while online with others.My character of choice is Alucard.If anyone is interested in giving me a boost to power up my characters send me a friend request or gt.Im more than happy to help anyone also.So far i have chapters 1-7 and 10,soon to get 8 and 9.My gt:darkb1ademaster.Thanks!

User Info: GenesisK

4 years ago#2
i'll add you in a couple of hours GT=Duel King

User Info: zangetsu60

4 years ago#3
Thanks,i will be on in a few hours.
just gotta have dinner.Let me know if i can assist you in anyway.

User Info: shadowdragoon66

4 years ago#4
I can help you as well. I am about to start playing for a little bit at the time of this post, but I do not know how long I will be on because I have to go to college tommorrow. My gamertag is TFK noxdraconis

User Info: zangetsu60

4 years ago#5
Thanks shadowdragoon.Im barely going online right now,The more people the better.

User Info: TearsfoUniverse

4 years ago#6
I'll help whenever I see ya on gt: Kake Guy Joe
Can't keep a good man down
Proud member of the MechWarrior Online Beta

User Info: IssacFrost

4 years ago#7
Add my GT it's on the siggie.
GT Aizakku Furosto (Castlevania HD/Dark Souls/Awesomenauts)

User Info: zangetsu60

4 years ago#8
sorry guys i've been busy lately,but im ready to help anyone that needs a boost.i will add the rest of you when i go online.thanks.

User Info: OmegaS24

4 years ago#9
I just started playing again and could use some help if anyone's willing. I main Charlotte, but I'm trying to gear up my Soma. I'm only on Hard mode Chap 1 right now, but I have all the DLC. GT is OmegaS24.
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