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User Info: OpShaft

4 years ago#1
Got this game yesterday to play it with my friend. Haven't played a castlevania game in a long time(although I know this is slightly different).

Got any tips? I'm thinking about using soma. Been using alucard but I'm not completely fond of him.

He downloaded and used yoko and her holy lightning has been destroying everything and I need to keep up.
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User Info: gamewarrior88

4 years ago#2
...Well, I can see why you're not fond of him. Going and using your game and downloading stuff without your permission? Not cool. Then again, you were using him so maybe it's payback...

Anyways, back to being serious, if you are new to this game, might I direct you to the stickied topics at the top of the board that might have some tips and strategies to your need. Hope you enjoy the game :)
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User Info: creativeme

4 years ago#3
it takes awhile but yea like the other guy said check out the stickies and stuff. learn how to get your skills and everything. when you get better and can play on hard mode than work on farming weapons and the different speed boots. character wise soma is OP. alucard is still pretty good. didn't care for jonathon and never bought the other whip users. the 2 normal chicks are good.

User Info: dornharrison

4 years ago#4
I also just got this game, my xbox name is "aero convoy" (there's a space). I'm down to play just add me and we'll rock this game.

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