Would you chip in if a Kickstarter were in place to add more content to CV:HD?

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  3. Would you chip in if a Kickstarter were in place to add more content to CV:HD?

User Info: Thenarus

4 years ago#1
Topic says the idea. Would you pitch in for a Kickstarter to add more content to Castlevania HD? If so, how much, and what would you want?


User Info: petrie11111

4 years ago#2
We don't need add-ons for this game. We need HD 2.

Characters like Shanoa, Charlotte, and Alucard need to be reworked so they are played how they were originally. Everyone should have a similar number of equips, as well as having basic things like RB skills interchangable (Charlotte can't change weapons? What?). A character leveling system should be in place on top of subweapon skills-being level 99 playing with a bunch of 50s would be no different than playing now with people that don't have wings. There could be manual difficulty adjustments controlled by lobby leaders to compensate. Harder enemies means more XP and higher item drop rates.

I would definitely put in money to that.

User Info: Braindead_Pan

4 years ago#3
While I agree, in principle, that a revamped sequel would be ideal, the cost of employee hours for developers, QA testing, as well as facilities and equipment makes this unlikely. Essentially, if Konami felt they could get the cost of doing so plus some profit out of the game, we would have had our sequel by now.

DLC/expansions are more likely.

This game seriously needs a patch. Unfortunately, the cost of doing so just in fees that Microsoft charges is $40,000. That does not include salaries, location rentals, equipment maintenance, or equipment costs. To put that in perspective, if each person donated $50, there would have to be 800 donors just to pay Microsoft's slice.

I am all about this idea, but I really want to put some serious thought in before I post my take on it. That said, I love this idea and hope there's enough interest out there to put together a real proposal that we could take to Konami and make happen.

User Info: Thenarus

4 years ago#4
I'd love to see either one. A fixed sequel seems more realistic at this point, but hey, money talks.

User Info: ChaosJohnson

4 years ago#5
I'll gladly pay for either.

And if I don't have enough to pay for it, I will go whip some candles until I do.
Gamertag/NNID: ChaosJohnson
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User Info: NekoSlave

4 years ago#6
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
I was able to reload my assault rifle in front of one of them because they were too busy looking threatening. -Rob_Indahood

User Info: dcn2424

4 years ago#7
Konami should put this game on a disc. Extra levels, characters, music...all on a physical retail disc.

User Info: chronoplus

4 years ago#8
I want to see more levels like Death's stage that are diverse and varied. Each characters has their spawn point and experience a different path to other parties. No more Chapter 6, 8, 9, 10,11 where everyone spawns same place. It kinda gets boring after a while.

They should just make more bosses like Death in the future, I loved his quotes and animation. I reckon The best bosses in the game were Death and Gergoth, who jumped into everyone and killed those who can't dodge. Chapter 2 and 3 bosses are good but well die since people target their weak points too soon.

User Info: Thenarus

4 years ago#9
The nice thing is from this point we know how to limit certain overpowered attack styles. R. The Count was a good example of how to not have Valmanways be the auto answer with hit locking applied. Enemy reactions to getting hit with a dodge or knockback (like Slogra in SCV4) could work as well.

With stage development, there are other good things that could be incorporated. Small characters (Maria, Simon, Getsu Fuma) could have a few shortcuts on a certain stage. Other stages could be more open and less linear, similar to what Ch.11 gave us. So long as each stage has its own approach to keep things fresh, I'd love to see more of what the CV series could be made into.

There are a few other things I'd like to see:

-More extremely rare drops from enemies (to give more reason to use Ebisu Raiment and Thief Rings) later in the game.

-More "rare" purple chest drops, and less of the same Hard 6 drop pool for every new level. I could cover my house and my neighbor's with a quilt of all of the Paludamenta I've found over the years.

-More things for every character to do and find on every stage. Items, skills, means of locomotion...just nothing like how Yoko, Charlotte, and Maria got hosed on Ch.11. Bishamon Raiment...then done.

-Leave the multiple Water of Life out of one chest bug and the acceleration bugs alone; just account for them in design.

-Add modes that give you more reasons to use money as a resource, as well as the wealth of rare items you can't get rid of that you don't use.

User Info: petrie11111

4 years ago#10
Thenarus posted...
-Add modes that give you more reasons to use money as a resource, as well as the wealth of rare items you can't get rid of that you don't use.

I have an amazing solution for this: Hardcore mode.

When you die, if you aren't revived before the end of the level, your currently equipped gear is gone. Weapons, Armors, and Skills. The tradeoff is, of course, better drops, whether it is higher chances of the same rares or entirely new items.

This would be a separate mode entirely. I think it would force people to use new setups, and promote teamwork more. No longer would people attempt to solo hard bosses.

You would always have need of an extra pair of winged boots. In fact, you would probably see a lot LESS people using vals/wings/insertOPitem. You could still return to normal modes to safely grind for more gear; then risk using it in hardcore mode if you choose.

There would then have to be some way to get unobtainable gear (Confodere, Knife, ect.), but they could just add those things to the shop and I would be happy.
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