Looking for some peeps to farm with?

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User Info: shadowdragoon66

4 years ago#31
You shouldn't need to worry about the charm spell. The only 2 spells you can get from Dracula as Charlotte can be gotten from his first form. Its all a matter of being lucky enough to absorb them.
gamertag: AFO noxdraconis

User Info: DPC20XX

4 years ago#32
shadowdragoon66 posted...

You shouldn't need to worry about the charm spell. The only 2 spells you can get from Dracula as Charlotte can be gotten from his first form. Its all a matter of being lucky enough to absorb them.

Yes, he does need to worry. Percy already maxed Charlotte. Now, it's just about playing through the chapter in general.

There's not much you can do other than have good jumping to dodge the attack. However, if Dracula swipes his claw one way, I'd recommend sliding the opposite way. That way if he prepares to charm you from the edge of the room, you have more space to dodge the hearts.

The one attack that I find very difficult for Charlotte to dodge is when Brauner summons those monsters that can curse you on hard. Try it and see for yourself.
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User Info: R of The Nest

R of The Nest
4 years ago#33
Percy101 posted...
Where are these items located...?

Holy Veil, (Normal, Chapter 5 Gold)
Apollonian/Artemisian Rings (Normal, Chapter 8, Purple/Gold)*
Robe Decollete (Hard, Chapter 7, Gold)
Berserker Mail (Hard, Chapter 5, Gold) OR (Normal/Hard Chapter 10, R. The Creature's rare drop)
Claimh Solais (Hard, Chapter 6, Gold), Claimh Solais +1 (Hard, Chapter 10 Gold)

*The fastest way to farm for the Artemesian/Apollonian Rings is to get the chest in the upper left corner of the map, then hold A+B+X+Y+LB+RB to fail.

...good spells to use against Astarte?

R. Summon Skeleton is bludgeoning damage, which Astarte is also weak against.

The main spells I'm using are Acidic Bubbles (Forward+B) which also serves as my Final Guard killer, Heal (Down+B), Ice Needles (Neutral B), and Dark Inferno (Up+B)

The four spells I use are Heal, R. Fireball, R. Summon Skeleton, and Ice Needle. Ice Needle is best placed on Down+B so you can easily BDC (hold down and alternate between B, LB, B, LB) an Ice 'Storm'. Summon Gunman also works well for BDC, but I prefer using Ice Needles since it doubles as a flying enemy/projectile shield and can be cast or carried up into the air. For hilarity, BDC Ice Needle your whole MP bar and then jump at Drac's first form. Between Ice Needle, R. Fire and R. Skelly, you won't have any more need for Acidic Bubbles. All three are great against pretty well every enemy and boss in the game, including Final Guards.

...dodging Drac's charm spell? ...Gergoth's attacks?

I find it easiest to avoid Drac's charm by watching where the hearts are pointed and crouching out of the line of effect in or near the right-hand corner.

For Gergoth, there's not too much you can do without a jump kick. Keep sliding against the wall and hope for the best to avoid the intestinal lash. As for the lunge, you pretty much have to take a hit. Charlotte used to have invincibility frames attached to her Heal spell, but that's no longer an option. I wouldn't worry about taking the hits though, as Gergoth doesn't do enough damage for it to matter, not to mention Charlotte and Yoko can't wear Berserker Mail so there's even less to worry about. For a quick kill, BDC Ice Needles at his legs (he's weak to Ice).

R. The Count & Ryukotsuki...

Until you can properly dodge their attacks, it's best to use Ancient Armor (Hard, Chapter 5 Gold) so you can take more hits before dying. Hell, I still use it for R. The Count.
GT - R of Blades

User Info: Percy101

4 years ago#34
"There's still a whole merry bunch left to get intimately familiar with."

Definitely! As said before, I'm not too keen on using Whippers much, except maybe Jonathan, Richter, and Simon, but I do still need to work on building Alucard, Yoko, Shanoa, Fuma, Simon, and maybe even Maria. I have no intention of stopping with just Charlotte. xD Though, I'm starting to think that it's not even -possible- to max Soma...

"You shouldn't need to worry about the Charm spell..."

Everyone should be worried about the Charm spell, especially if they play on Multiplayer. If there's a single female party member, Drac will use that spell, and it has the danger of hitting any party member--it won't charm them if they're male, of course, but their gender won't prevent them from taking a lot of damage. Everyone should at least try to learn how to dodge it.

My current tactic is to sit in the far corner of the room when he's about to use it--and if it looks like one of the hearts is gonna hit my character sitting still, I slide-kick to (hopefully) safety.

I got one each of the Apollonian and Artemisian rings, and oh my GOD I love these things. I already really loved the Sunstone and Moonstone equips, and I'd never imagined that there was an upgraded version. Thanks for the farming tip, R of the Nest!

Tried out Retro Skeleton, but I just can't see how useful it can be. It's really powerful, but it seems hard to maximize the number of hits per cast. Retro Fireball, though--good lord, I love that spell now.

I think I could maybe use R. Skelly for farming Chapter 5 Hard mode, when Death is using that sicklestorm attack of his, and for damaging Astarte. Otherwise, I find myself using R. Fireball a lot more--maybe I'm just using Skelly wrong?

And can I even farm Ancient Armor or Berserker Mail with Charlotte? If not, I'll have to grind Alucard as much as I can to build up his spells and get ready to fight Death with him.

Still have yet to get a second Apollo/Artemis ring, or any of the other desired drops, but I'm workin' on it best as I can.
Lyon. Kuja. Lloyd. Ansem. Sesshomaru. Ouka. Seldous. Soma. Angelo. Fran.
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User Info: petrie11111

4 years ago#35
Skelly can be hard to use. On smaller enemies like Ashtarte you can only land 2 hits when she's standing, 3 if she jumps back into it. It's still the most damage per spell you can land, however. It IS possible to get 4 hits in one cast on larger enemies such as Death, but you must get 4 hits in order for it to be more damaging than Fireball.

Skelly is more used for enemies with high defense. It shines in Chapter 10, where it destroys pretty much everything. Fireball outclasses it on nearly everything in the first 9 chapters. Exceptions include 7, 8, and 9 bosses. If your Int is high, skelly will deal more than 1 damage on Final Guards, which saves lots on MP.

First form Drac it's better to use Fireball. Second form it depends on your damage; high enough Int and you can use Fireball, otherwise Skelly him. Third form Skelly is useful simply because you can cast it from a spot where triangles won't insta-hit you when they first appear. Fireball does deal more damage per cast, though.

As far as dodging goes, Winged Boots save lives. Gergoth lunge can be simply double jumped over with good timing. On Ch 10, being able to weave back and forth quickly is very important to dodging pinwheel, and since Charlotte can't equip Ancient Armor, you NEED to be able to dodge it. I recommend double jumping quite high up, then falling between fireballs when dodging that attack.

It's easier to do online assuming people use the elevator glitch to get to drac, as his pinwheel spins faster the more mini-bosses that are left alive in the stage, as well as the number of players in the game increases. The faster it spins, the more space you get between fireballs.

My personal spell list is Energy Flow, R Fire, R Skelly, and Sneedles.

User Info: shadowdragoon66

4 years ago#36
I say you shouldn't have to worry because like every other attack in the game it is dodgable. I get that you should learn to dodge it, but to me, I don't fret about it becuase I know I can beat the boss. That being said, the spells I usually use for Charlotte are Skeleton Gunman (because of how powerful it can be when used right), R. Fireball, R. Skeleton and Heal for a good all around Charlotte that can do damage while still being able to get at least 1 hit in on the boss due to the various trajectories offered by the 3 spells.
gamertag: AFO noxdraconis

User Info: Sweet Monkey Luv

Sweet Monkey Luv
4 years ago#37
petrie11111 posted...
As far as dodging goes, Winged Boots save lives.

I dodge better as a skeleton. My skeleton does not wear boots.

I also drive better drunk.
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