How active is the online community?

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User Info: Steveinator

4 years ago#1
I started replaying Castlevania HD tonight in order to finally earn the Slaughtervania achievement and get time towards the XBLA punch-card. How active is the game's community nowadays?
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User Info: Percy101

4 years ago#2
I find that as long as you choose the "Unlimited" option instead of choosing "My Country" in multiplayer when searching for rooms, You'll almost always be able to find a room. Now, whether or not you'll be able to JOIN said room may depend on luck since the game can be rather fickle about whether or not Online works properly from person to person...
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User Info: R of The Nest

R of The Nest
4 years ago#3
I can't find games for crap, unlimited or otherwise. Feel free to add me. I'm pretty well always down for playing.
GT - R of Blades

User Info: spyhunterzero

4 years ago#4
After coming back to this version, it's pretty much dead. I'm not used to this since there is always people to play with on the PS3 version whether they're new or vets.
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  3. How active is the online community?

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