Anyone tried this yet?

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User Info: DoubleJ9

7 years ago#1
Looking for a new kinect game and was wondering if anyone has tried this out yet.
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User Info: Atomic_Porkchop

7 years ago#2
Don't think it's officially out until tomorrow. The dates have been back and forth from the 16th-18th. However, it's on my radar. I don't expect anything revolutionary. However as long as the motion controls are acceptable it looks like some unique mini-games to play around with for less than $40.

I plan on getting it tomorrow. Perhaps I'll write an impressions. (Unless reviews come out and say it's terrible and broken) - which I am 1/2 expecting seeing "Game Partys" track record.

User Info: lamahi

7 years ago#3

Got it today, the idea of a gamehall is nice but the loading between throws is very anoying :(

User Info: rojorock

7 years ago#4

Yeah I played it at a friends house. And its basically broken.:(

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  3. Anyone tried this yet?

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