Really good game...... 2D sidescrolling adventure/puzzle game...

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User Info: MACH0

6 years ago#1
I was going through PSN, and wanted to try something no ones talked about. So i found a game called Pallurikio

Now, I normally never look at mini's, and even so, try buy a mini without knowing anything about the game. Cause with the amount of crap on PSN, theres a high risk i'll buy some crap and get burnt.
But this time i decided, screw it, there must be SOME good stuff no one bothers to try...
Ive seemed to have gotten lucky with Pallu.....The more i play, the more i like....

Originally, this game was released on Wii's online store, but somehow found a port (with some controller tweeks, obviously) onto PSP's PSN.

I'll try describe the game to the best i can. It plays as a 2D sidscroller, with minor puzzle elements. (and lots of traps along the way) And u control a round ball. U move by pointing the arrow thats conected to your ball, in the direction u would like to move into, and charge up the arrow by holding button x down. The more u chrage, the further u jump.

So far, (im only early into the game) the game feels like a mix of Little Big Planet, and Bust-A-Move.
The game has 6 worlds,and each world has 10 levels. So a total of 60 levels Give or take. (i think thats right)
Each world has its own fantasy theme to it. The graphics, smoothness, and backdrops of the game are actually quite good. Especially for a mini.
However, sometimes i feel the camera in Pallu can make u dizzy sometimes. As sometimes things move fast.
I wont spoil anymore and say anything about the story or why u have to battle puzzle and traps to reach the end of the levels.
But most importantly, its fun. (so far anyway.) and cheap.

Here's a trailer of the game:

Anyone else try this game yet?

User Info: MACH0

6 years ago#2
Just thought i'd put more input, as i did finish the main story of the game.

The 6th world must be unlocked, so its basically the unlockable u need to obtain by collecting specific hidden cards scattered thoughout the levels. I did do this, and opened up the 6th world. Once i played and beat the first level from the 6th world, my game froze. I did this twice. Its really no big deal, as the main story only needs 5 worlds, and the 6th world is just an unlockable bonus, but i thought i'd let anyone who reads this know.

I should maybe just try redownload the file from psn and see if that fixes the problem, but wont try it for a while.

The game is still fantastic, i loved everbit of it. Is does get harder by the end of the 2nd world, but nothing thats too hard or frustating.
Well done to Playstos Entertainment, for making a unique fun game, that feels like so much more, than a cheap mini....
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  3. Really good game...... 2D sidescrolling adventure/puzzle game...

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