Need help unlocking characters...

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User Info: MrGreen9

6 years ago#1

I really need help unlocking White Mage and Ninja. I have gone on the star road a bunch of times but it's kind of hard. Does anybody have any tips on how to beat the Star Road easier, and unlock White Mage, Ninja and all the unlockable outfits for them.

Also, everyone has been saying that Black Mage is unlocked on Star Road.. but I unlocked him in the Mushroom Cup. Is there an explanation for this? The only two sports I have played so far are dodgeball and volleyball because I'm trying to 100% them, only thing is, is that it's pretty hard to do. Thanks!

User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#2
Right before you lose just Reset the Wii. It saves your last spot.
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User Info: MrGreen9

6 years ago#3

Oh ok thanks! :)

User Info: GEL

6 years ago#4
I think the Mushroom Cup alternate paths just unlock them for one sport and it's kinda random who you get. Going through Star Road unlocks them for all sports at once.

Also if you quit a match before you lose, when you reload you'll be back at before the match started and can try again. What's more, most of the challenges are random so if they give you an instant-lose one (like "First to 10 wins, opponent has a 9 point lead") you can quit out and when you reload you should get a different challenge.

User Info: MrGreen9

6 years ago#5

Awesome! thank you so much! :D

User Info: BizzyBum

6 years ago#6
I'm completely lost on the unlockables.

So you can unlock Moogle, Cactaur, Slime, White Mage, Black Mage, and Ninja, right? Anyone else? Then, how many outfits does each one have? Stages are just unlocked by playing them in the tournament, right?

How do you even go about unlocking them? I just finished the Star Cup in Basketball and I didn't unlock anything except stages and Moogle after the first Mushroom Cup.

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User Info: FireKirby7

6 years ago#7
ninja, white mage and black mage all have 1 alt costume. Slime has 2, an orange and a silver one.

stages are unlocked by playing them in tournies, but for the special cup stages, you either encounter them in the Star Road, or play a number of games for whichever sport. ex; play 30 games to unlock the first special cup stage, 35 games for the next one, and 40 games for the last one. those should be the only stages you are missing.

for unlocking Ninja and the Mages, either complete Star Road 1-3 times or find them in mushroom/flower cup hidden routes. i recommend Star Road.
play 28 games to unlock Slime, and play 60 games to unlock Cactaur. Slime is in the (bottom left) flower cup hidden routes, Cactuar and Slime's alt colors are in star cup hidden routes but no one has any idea how to get to them lol. no way to unlock them for all sports at once...
peach's alt costume is on the right of the mushroom cup (she's standing on top of the hill), in case if you wanted to know, dunno about daisy's.
i submitted stuff like this to the cheats section but gamefaqs wont update it... maybe i'll try again

User Info: BizzyBum

6 years ago#8
Everything seems like a pain in the butt, especially getting all the alt costumes. lol
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User Info: Daisyfanboy

6 years ago#9
What I hate is that some stuff just shows up at random. I tried to find the White Mage in the Mushroom cup, and she wasn't there, but I played it later and found her..
So I'm still waiting for Daisy to reappear in something that's not a spinoff.
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User Info: condre

6 years ago#10
there might be even more alternate conditions...

I unlocked White Mage on volleyball by completing 4 times Flower Cup and 1 time Star Cup (never completed Star Road nor challenged her on extra paths)

I also unlocked White Mage's alt costume. iirc you must start on left extra path of Flower Cup, then jump into the cannon that sends you on the right side of the map
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