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User Info: Nilly896

5 years ago#1
I've been thinking. Mario Sports Mix is fun, and I thought of suggestions

1) Most online people complain about 2 players having advantage against 1 player. My idea is that Wi-fi should use a tag team battle or something. Then the game could be fun. Like I hate playing COM because they are not cooperating with me. If I played solo and need a buddy, it would have like something to play with someone in the region.

2) I had complaints about SE characters. I know what characters could replace them.

Ninja - Boo
White Mage - Rosalina
Black Mage - I Dunno. Didn't think of that.
Slime - Dry Bones
Moogle - Kamek
Cactuar - Koopa

What do you think???

User Info: BlueDryBones1

5 years ago#2
Ninja-Hammer Bro

User Info: Fakatopatere

5 years ago#3
I think the MSM 2 should have better roster. Every character was very different from the others, but 18 isn't enough. I hope the developers give us around 30 Mario characters and maybe 10 FF ones as well (as long as they aren't broken) in the sequel, although I know it's extremely unlikely.
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User Info: gamestar3000

5 years ago#4
30 characters would work, but give the color variant chars. their own stats and little differences between them (like hammer bro tosses hammers as a special ability, and his fire/boomerang/ice variants throw fireballs/boomerangs/ice balls that have different distances).

Be able to use multiple versions of one character on the same team, that could make for some interesting matches

Customize the ball/puck like in 3 on 3.

If there were to be mii customization (and before anyone says no to it because they were "overpowered and beyond" in Open, this isn't MTO), I'd like to see it done with a system similar to mario and sonic london. In that game, adding specific items gives you a stat increase, but it takes away from your other stats in exchange. Some gear takes away/adds more of a certain stat (some gear have a huge red arrow for increase, or a huge blue one for decrease, while slightly affecting your other stats). In shorter words, stacking certain gear that affects one stat will decrease your other stat(s)

There should be a tournament/rotation option that is similar to SSBM/SSBB, and an online one as well to make organizing tournaments easier in the sense that it could be played competitively like any other competitive game (the tourney "host" could make a topic, then make the matchups according to the bracket posted)

Get rid of region lock so that people in the NTSC (the americas?) region can play against PAL/JP players.

add a challenge system or some sort of unlockable achievement/mission mode
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User Info: Johnwalt

5 years ago#5
They need a bigger roster, seriously. Like what Fakato said, maybe 25-30 mario characters, and 10 FF ones (as long as they include Summoner :D ) But I hope thye make the characters more balanced, and maybe make Cactuar skid and slide in EVERY sport, not just volleyball and hockey.

The ability to team up with other people on wifi, so no cpus >c

Make it so if you unlock a character in one sport, it's unlocked for all the sports. Seriously, nobody wants to unlock a character 4 times, especially if theres gonna be over 30 characters.

Add a new sport? o: Like maybe one that isn't exactly a "sport" but still counts? I was thinking maybe like a Tag game or something, but have the slower characters be able to shoot projectiles to tag with :P
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User Info: Nilly896

5 years ago#6
They should put more sports such as Swordplay and more.

Wow! These are really good ideas.

User Info: themanasword

5 years ago#7
FF characters are Sub character in Square Enix crossover of Mario spin-offs.
But, they don't checking for Main character and they have ruined the roster in MSM.

I wish Dixie Kong will return in Mario Sports Mix.
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User Info: streetfighter76

5 years ago#8
The next version of Mario Strikers should be included as another option; the games included in this compilation feel very similar to the Mario Strikers formula, in some aspects almost like a copy of that game but with a different sport.

Football (or... Soccer >_>) is the most famous sport around the world so if they include it in the sequel i'm sure more people would be interested to give it a try.
Sadly i have both of these games and i play neither of them... -____-
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