This is how a Goldeneye remake should be...

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User Info: darkjedilink

7 years ago#21
-The levels for MP are just barely big enough for four people. There's no way they'd work for 8-12 and still be fun.
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User Info: George Trevor

George Trevor
7 years ago#22
The difference is the N64 looks like crap on a HDTV, there is no online and you are using an N64 controller (which are hard to come by if you don't have 4 working controllers). With the port you can use the 360 controller play higher poly count on the guns, characters, upgraded textures switch between regular and n64 graphics on the fly. An Xbla version is essentially future proof unless your 360 breaks.

I'm playing goldeneye on my HDTV in high resolution with a 360 controller right now, i can even play it online, i really don't need a simple port or updated version

Goldeneye 007 on Wii looks interesting though, its my most wanted game right now
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User Info: harvestm0on_r0x

7 years ago#23
I don't understand why everyone is acting like the enhanced ports are a bad thing, especially since had they been released for the VC in their natural form, they would have costed the exact same amount.

Personally? I'm glad Rare is actually giving the games facelifts; obviously, it doesn't put it on par with more modern stuff, but it makes it much smoother and cleaner to look at, especially in this day and age where I'm spoiled by HD graphics. And you know what? I'd take a straight port of Goldeneye any day; my 64 is failing along with its controllers, and seeing what they did with Perfect Dark made me a very happy dude.
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User Info: PedroMontana

7 years ago#24
@ harvestm0on_r0x: No one would hate a straight or enhanced port.
It will just not happen because of legal reasons so there is no point to bring this topic up again. Many people also wouldn't care about a port because they own the original, played it too much or would generally prefer a more modern game.
The reason some people here attack the TC in a somewhat aggressive tone is that it's easy to get under the impression that this is a troll topic because the TC comes to his board only to bash this remake and his only alternative it the suggestion of a (legally) impossible port.
The TC also obviously does not understand the difference between a port and a remake.
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User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#25
Alright, this is getting ridiculous. You don't see Wii fans going over to the XBox360 Board to complain about how we don't have Halo 3 on our system (or atleast a ton of people). But since this game was announced, I've seen two common themes in this topic.


I love how Xbox and PS3 owners love telling people on Wii boards how much the Wii sucks, and how much better their systems are. First of all, if its so great, why are you here telling us that rather than playing the system. Second, clearly the people on the WII BOARD aren't all that interested in Xbox because otherwise they would be on the XBOX BOARD. Then you come here and load up the board with topics complaining about a game we don't know that much about, or how the game we haven't seen in action will stink because of the system.

No matter the graphical specs, or the processor, or whatever, the Wii has the largest user base BY FAR this generation, and in fact in almost any generation. More people have bought a Wii. And even if there were a bunch of kids who bought this or a bunch of kids play this, those kids will inevitably grow up (nature, i know, its an amazing thing), so the Wii isn't going to constantly have a perpetual ten year old user base. So there are more markets to grab on the Wii, which is just good business sense. Also, with third party developers by large ignoring the Wii because they also believe in this magical fountain of youth that keeps Wii gamers in diapers, the Wii doesn't have many shooters. So, if a good shooter is released on a system with only a few good shooters, then its got a larger chance to grow. I'll be the first to admit that MS and Sony have way more shooters, but that makes it more difficult for a new shooter to succeed.

We may all know about Goldeneye, but honestly, how many average people do you know that know about Goldeneye, or remember the game? Most likely not as many as you'd like to believe. So this game doesn't have the same brand power as Halo or CoD or L4D or Valve shooters, because it hasn't seen as much shelf space or playing time. It makes sense for Activision to then go for the Wii. Since Activision is publishing this game and is a BUSINESS, it would be wise for them to make good BUSINESS moves, instead of listening to a bunch of butt-hurt whining MS and Sony fanboys who are missing out on ONE shooter, instead of playing the ten thousand they already have.
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