The graphics (of the screenshots) are equivalent to a psp game

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  3. The graphics (of the screenshots) are equivalent to a psp game

User Info: fpsfanboy1

7 years ago#1

just saying

User Info: urbzsims

7 years ago#2
You're kinda right, but it's not gonna stop me from buying the game
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User Info: GoldenEye2010

7 years ago#3

shut up about the graphics they're fine

User Info: TMW001

7 years ago#4
Can you tell the diffrents between what object is which then your fine topic ended!* bangs gavel*

User Info: RECON64bit

7 years ago#5

You're right, and this is inexcusable. Why is it that Gamecube's rogue looks better than this game? Why is it that so many Wii games not made by Nintendo look like crap? Does the GCN have better graphical abilities in some way or something?

User Info: SpackDaDevilMan

7 years ago#6
f-zero gx cutscene graphics>>>> all things that exist

User Info: Roger_Rabbit_IV

7 years ago#7

Eh, it looks better in motion. Besides, it's still in development so they can improve on the graphics and other issues. It looks really good to me, I don't know what you're talking about. The faces are "meh", but the rest is good.

User Info: Raiko101

7 years ago#8
I wouldn't expect an overhaul in the graphics department before release. You have to consider how many objects they've built for the game since development started. It would take a long time to go back and improve on those models and textures. Not that it matters anyway, because the graphics look fine. Technically far better than any PSP game i've ever seen.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#9
Iono. I've seen some pretty good looking PSP games compared to this.
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User Info: Raiko101

7 years ago#10
But they run on a far smaller screen with smaller texture resolutions. Maybe if you squinted, things will look comparable.
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  3. The graphics (of the screenshots) are equivalent to a psp game

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