007 goldeneye wii or COD Black ops wii ?

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User Info: rionbrazil

6 years ago#1
which one is better?

User Info: flyingtorso2

6 years ago#2

Again, it all matters on your preference. In my opinion I think goldeneye has the slight edge against black ops. The single player for Goldeneye is so much more polished then the one of Black Ops. Theirs times where you would play the campaign in black ops and in some cutscenes peoples hands going into objects and theirs a lot of glitches throughout the single player of Black Ops. Goldeneye is a different story. You have the choice to do stealth or run and gun. It's more of a interesting story and the level design is less linear then black ops where it feels your just walking through hallways instead of open environments. The multiplayer is a different story. Black ops is a lot more robust including zombie modes, wager matches and a lot more maps and modes to play on. Though, that doesn't mean Goldeneye's multiplayer isn't a lot of fun too. So the slight edge goes to Goldeneye.

User Info: tizzywilkillyou

6 years ago#3
Single player is Goldeneye hands down, so I'll focus on multiplayer briefly:

CoD does have more modes and options, and a few more maps than goldeneye (13 vs. 10 I think?). But in a way, the way Goldeneye is more streamlined is appealing. It's easier to pick up and play, and the perks/upgrades/etc system is not convoluted (the system in CoD:BO WILL seem convoluted, at least at first). Goldeneye is also sort of more arcade-y if you know what I mean. Less realistic in some ways, and that's a good thing in my opinion; makes the game more fun.

In the end you probably can't go wrong either way, but if you could only choose one, I'd give Goldeneye the definite edge.

User Info: brainfreeze10

6 years ago#4
Offline Goldeneye is a million times better, that includes split screen ( I dont think Black Ops even has split screen) and is essentially fact. But online is all about ur own preference. Black Ops is more chaotic, has more options, more to unlock and a deeper unlocking system. Goldeneye is still has all of these things tho, even if it's to a lesser degree and is also more polished and runs much better on the Wii hardware, as well as being more balanced and arcade-y. Also Goldeneye is more unique and has things u wont find in any other FPS, but if ur used to the more mainstream COD style u may not like that.

So basically, if ur getting it for offline get Goldeneye, if ur getting it for online do some research and watch some gameplay, but most people would lean towards COD. If ur getting it for a combination of the 2 and care about both, the edge defintley goes to Goldeneye.
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User Info: Numbuh100

6 years ago#5
Black Ops breaks Wii. GoldenEye has no problem whatsoever. The online in GoldenEye is great! You might experience lag but it might be temporary and you'll get into a match just fine.
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User Info: glove_dog

6 years ago#6

I haven't played Goldeneye offline at all so I probably shouldn't compare the two in that way. I will say that I prefer Goldeneye's online play a lot more. It's hard to describe why... it's just... morefun. I mean we're talking about Nintendo here and Nintendo knows fun more than anyone. Someone already mentioned the arcade feel to the game and it's totally true. In Goldeneye I don't feel like I'm playing a warfare simulator.... I'm just running around killing dudes. Goldeneye dude. Hands down.

User Info: venuse

6 years ago#7
i say goldeneye

User Info: rionbrazil

6 years ago#8
Thank you guys, so... im gonna buy the Gondeneye


User Info: GameMaster14GM

6 years ago#9
black ops has WAYY more veriety. zombies, more guns, more maps, better online modes. single player is ok but once its done its done. its all about online
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