Recruiting for the TMNT Team

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User Info: eureka13

6 years ago#11
Hey Ralpheal, I think Rambo was just kidding, his in game name is turtle
Rambo ... Ralpheal has a good idea, you could have a team with real turtle names ... Snapper, Mud, Painted, Sea, etc etc lol :)
Goldeneye FC....3478-2922-6828.....((RS)coffee)

User Info: maddoggy

6 years ago#12

Someone needs to tell Donatello that noobtubing isn't allowed in clan wars. Other than that, good luck with your recruiting. I can't believe that you (Raphael) is level 53 already! Last clan wars, you were level 48.

User Info: Dr_Pepper88

6 years ago#13
would definitly fill the Shredder spot, Im level 30 with 1.45 ktd ratio, FC is 5087 2107 4992, Kowabunga Dudes!!

User Info: Raphael_005

6 years ago#14
Rs...don't worry too much about donatello....he is my boy and will always be my boy and will always be on my squad, but let's face it...he is not as good as he once was at 64....during all our battles we tell him to go hide most of the time........if you didn't see during the one game we played you...he had neg 1 ask yourself who does that...someone making 500k a year.....our new partner in crime is cale aka spinter!...and my man splinter has impressed me so the new battle will be me, mike, leo, and our master splinter!....see you at the rematch!....and I will use whatever you would like...mines or no mines......remember turtles fight with honor and they fight fair...either way is ok with to you soon my man!.

User Info: CyberSD

6 years ago#15
Raphael is my alias.

If I ever run into you guys in a random party, I will grind your KDR into the dust.

User Info: Raphael_005

6 years ago#16
I guess I'm not understanding you use raphael as your name. I only came across one other raphael since I started and well they were not very good. Don't worry about meeting up in a dark alley...let's just set up a match!

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#17
Yo Raph, y'all need to chill man. Popin up on gamespot pretty confident :) maybe we'll play soon maybe not it depends? Either way we will meet again sometime and you can't blame a 7-0 blowout on one guy, you did know it's team conflict right? Don wasn't the only one getting ran.

User Info: TruthStalker

6 years ago#18
'd like to fit Casey Jones lol I'm usually not into clan things but eh could be fun!

FC 5449-8900-1259 level 34 KDR 1.70 or something like that.....(cant wait for those remote....)

I play a lot of conflict, would get use to TC, play more in the morning though, night shifts..... but always got two nights off a week

lemme know if its ok for you

I'll still add you, current in game name is Johnny

User Info: 199johnd

6 years ago#19
Mac-Leoid posted...
Oooh, I forgot how hot April was. That may well be the source of my redhead fetish...

Nah....that's Belinda Carlisle & Carol Decker

User Info: Raphael_005

6 years ago#20
Tking...don't worry about me....I gave you relax buddy.....I don't care win or lose...just play the game and don't worry about people chilling out...when all they want to so is warm it if you will.....and once again i don't worry about winning or losing it is just a game and all for fun including the trash talk....and if you want to call us out for getting ran....I do remember we played once on conflict and you were the one that got ran. I played a abide the other night and he beat me the first game then I won the second. If you ask me I think he is a little better then you for being the leader. You guys have a good squad and great team members so more power to you....
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