Recruiting for the TMNT Team

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User Info: Jawshh

6 years ago#21

Donatello is the best, I`ll fight for his spot in the clan

User Info: andrewpacker20

6 years ago#22

Raphael_005 posted...
I guess I'm not understanding you use raphael as your name. I only came across one other raphael since I started and well they were not very good. Don't worry about meeting up in a dark alley...let's just set up a match!

I like what I'm hearing Raphael :)...

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#23
Raphael_005 posted...
Tking...don't worry about me....I gave you relax buddy.....I don't care win or lose...just play the game and don't worry about people chilling out...when all they want to so is warm it if you will.....and once again i don't worry about winning or losing it is just a game and all for fun including the trash talk....and if you want to call us out for getting ran....I do remember we played once on conflict and you were the one that got ran. I played a abide the other night and he beat me the first game then I won the second. If you ask me I think he is a little better then you for being the leader. You guys have a good squad and great team members so more power to you....

I don't remember such a conflict match. Only one I remember is when I was winning and host quit 3 min. In but tell your story the way you like. Abide is awesome and I don't claim to be the best in this game or on my team :) I didn't chose the leader role either they kinda chose me so :)

User Info: FG21

6 years ago#24

Damn! And I thought Raph was the coolest of them all. I was forgetting Cale, he's the coolest, the best player andshould be the leader of TMNT.

1st - Like Leo, you take this game to serious.

2nd- Stop making excusses for your DonA "Noob-Tuber" Tello thatearns hundreds of thousands of $$$, but gets frustrated by a $50 game.

3rd- You guys took the beating of your lives in that Sewers match. I thought Sewers was the home of the TMNT. Hahaha talk about irony.

4th- Why you aren't theTMNT's leader then? Or Leo or Cale arebetter than you?

5th- That said, stop talking about other Clans leaders (TKING in this case)and what not. I'm sure my man TKING is proud to have Abide as a team member and I'm sure Abide is proud to have TKING as his leader.It the end, who's better, doesnt matter mateif they respect themselves. This apply to all good Clans out there except forsome Mutans.

6th- After this thread, you'll be awardedwith the SMTT Medal. Sore loser.

* SMTT = Son of Marcus the Troll

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#25
Well said FG, I don't want a argument I was just satin relax. His first post on gamespot and he's making excuses. And callin out the best player in the game. Raph go look at Cybers stats he has KDR above 5.0, that's some crazy ish!!! Just chill bro damn. I'm not gonna rematch a team full of excuses! If we win 7 again it will be cuz bad lag, off night, so and so cost us, blah blah blah. Just take the loss man!! HOW COME NO TEAM CAN JUST TAKE A LOSS!

User Info: maddoggy

6 years ago#26

@ Raphael, a leader does not necessarily have to be the best player on the team (I am pretty sure that you are better than your leader, Leonardo). TKing is a very good player, and more importantly, a very good clan recruiter. He found Coffee, Neko, benroch, and abide. I personally think that Abide is a better player than I am EVEN THOUGH I AM ONE OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF [RS] lol.

I personally feel that Donatello is taking too much heat for TNMT's showing in the previous clan wars. He did not do the worst on every map. He is, what, level 23?? Instead of noobtubing, he would be better off using a silenced stauger with HH. And the fact that Leonardo talked about "cutting" donatello form the team didn't sit well with me. A good clan doesn't call out its members. And the only reason why we even agreed to play your guys was because Leonardo was running his mouth about how awesome TNMT was in We just wanted to show you guys what's up. I don't even care to do a rematch because we proved a point that crushing a bunch of noobs in TC doesn't make a clan great. But everyone deserves a rematch. Only this time, we have two members who now carry stratas. We didn't have stratas last time around...

BTW, I think that the turtles should challenge Pokemon Clan sometime soon.

User Info: Raphael_005

6 years ago#27
this is all too funny!....I feel like a situation in a bad jersey shore guys are all too funny at how serious you take my comments and think I'm that serious about the game...first off we are team tmnt bc of all the too serious clans out there with clan tags............

And to my man fg21
1. You are garbage
2. I'm not taking it are my man
3. You took a beat down everytime we played you
4. We have no leader
5. I take my loses....and wins...doesn't matter to me...don't any of you know how to read!
6. You are garbage...aren't u like a level 20......go cry to mommy or just play the game......

All I say is make it happen and play win or lose!.....

User Info: FG21

6 years ago#28

Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Dude stop crying and chill out please. GE is only a game. Your life doesn't depend on it.

Soyou guys doesn't have a leader? That doesn't make any sense after reading some of Leo's posts.

BTW, I was lvl 23 when I fought TMNT with a bunch of randoms, lvl 27 like 2 weeks ago and will be a lvl 15 soon. Talk about downgrade. Too long story to tell here.

User Info: maddoggy

6 years ago#29

@FG21, lol, did you delete your profile??

User Info: xPsyduck

6 years ago#30
@raph: yo dude I want to add you. I'm already in a clan so I can't join yours but like I said earlier I do like to run as MondoGecko every once in a while and it'd be cool to team up with you. In case you can't see my signature my FC is -2443-2076-5509
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