Recruiting for the TMNT Team

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User Info: Raphael_005

6 years ago#41
eureka13 posted...
LMAO ... You would have to watch alot of guy on guy porn to come up with that, or it must be the story you play out in your head while my Mom is doing YOU. Oh I beLIEve you were with my Mom, theirs no doubt, but its more likely she was behind you with her purple strap on. She's a dom and wouldnt have it any other way :)
Leo, you might want to delete your posts at wiichat before you shoot your mouth about who said what, of course you cant delete mine saying it would be mean to cut Don :) Of course you still can delete the posts about went you guys could do a rematch. Maybe I could talk to TKING and we'll put our lives on hold untill you guys are ready ... call us out... give your head a shake :P
OH Ralph, my Mom just asked me to ask you to check that big brown hole of yours (notice how I said yours was brown and you said mine was red ... funny) ... she cant find one of her rings, and since you were with her last she thinks it might have come off in there.
Your the one who brought RS into your little ″Im more into guys than you″ match with Fg21. Thats why I jumped on your little trash talk band wagon. So if you would like to keep your personal life out of it, we can continue the trash talk :)
Goldeneye FC....3478-2922-6828.....((RS)coffee)

I'm it past your bed time or maybe I just can't read....did you say that you are more into guys then me......I don't know what you are writting but I'm not into anything like that but that is where you mind is so be it...I will not hold that against you.......maybe you are tui....texting under the influence.....well anyway you can believe me that your mom is the closest thing to a guy that I will ever get near.......but I think u have me confused with your boy tking...isn't that why you made him ur leader because he could take the most punishment from your mom and he would still try and level up with her after that to see how much longer your mother could make it....

Goodnight..and happy day!....good luck with your battles big!

User Info: maddoggy

6 years ago#42

This is exactly why we aren't crazy about a rematch. You guys run your mouth and manage to twist it so that everyone else outside of TNMTis wack and take the game so seriously. Have you seen ANY of the threads written by leonardo? That guy ran his mouth so bad and DID say that he would cut Donatello. This was why we never took you guys seriously. Now look at you running your mouth. You come on gamespot and act all tough. I promise you this, out of top 15 clans on this forum, you will be lucky to beat one of them. And why the heck should we cancel clan wars with two respectable clans just to make room for you guys? You think the beat down you got from [RS] was bad? Wait until you play some other legit clans too. And please stop making excuses like "we had an off night". I think we had a off night too even though we beat you guys down. How did you like that little 5 elimination domination I had on you when I "borrowed" your strata in outpost?

And that FG21 guy? He has nothing to do with [RS]. He just likes seeing you guys get called out cause you guys act all toughwhen you murder noobs in TC. No idea why you are trying to make it into a homosexual thing. We all know you are into that stuff and its fine. Just keep it out of gamespot please.

A real classy clan you guy got there. Also, maybe Donatello can use some of his 500k/year salary to hire Cyber to train you guys?

And explain this to me, why do you feel that [RS] owes it to you to accommodate you guys? And when we done with other clan wars, we'll discuss a rematch with you guys. If you guys try to drag this on just to get back at us, its off for good. You wanted a rematch, not us.

@ all other clans, PLEASE challenge TNMT. I'll consider it a personal favor. Give them the beatdown like we did.

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#43
LMAO at all this...I bet they are lining up to join Hey Raph I thought it was funny how you were the only one with a strata last match and didn't do jack with it. I am ready to battle whoever whenever unless they are some lunchboxes like yourself. We are not postponing anything to get stratas, sounds like soneones thought long and hard about us having them though?? Especially since we owned him when we all had anovas and staugers. You do realize that with stratas it's a done deal, that must be why you are so upset. I told Leo we'd get at you next week cuz we are set for DS and we all are men with kids and jobs and aren't gonna drop everything for you guys. Who by the way took forever to get your crap together for us to plsy the first time. And we would have already rematched a dew weeks back but Leo said you guys can never get it together and that you guys weren't doing so hot as a team, I still hit the text on my phone and pm on wiichat. I had sent out a pm to our guys and we had 4 guys ready for ya but YOU guys couldn't make it.....not us. So that fact that we were ready over week ago tells you we weren't waiting on stratas. And I would break your F'ing neck if you ever said this crap to me to my face. I gate how a computer screen makes little boys feel like the big boys. ONCE again Raph we will battle you guys again, like I've said all along!!!!!!

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#44
Also Raph I'm sure FG21 is just glad to see you guys got your sh!t kicked after you rant and raved about how **** you guys were all over Who wouldn't jump on the bandwagon of RS after we owned you for talking all that sh!t about how you guys never lose and usually win by atleast 20. Then RS cane along and now you guys are upset at a guy you were talking crap to because he's on our side. Is he supposed to support you guys? Umm....not so much. And I think he prolly don't care if he's a bad playerm, atleast not as much as you care about how good you think you are!! Yeah I said think you're good.

User Info: Zubat007

6 years ago#45
Kinda sad, this totally wrecks the TMNT clan image. You guys should of made friends and been respectful like most of the other clans here. Totally not doing a TMNT clan justice as a clan with that name deserves. ):
Pokemon in training!!! (-o-)
Zubat~0281-2020-7687~Add me (:

User Info: Loch_NESmaster

6 years ago#46

I think its funny they claim I am the best player in RS. Cant wait to rematch! :)

Also, lol.

User Info: FG21

6 years ago#47

Haha, this TMNT's aren't G anymore. More like a NC-17 rating with all those homo ideas they've been saying.

To clarify some things:

1) Im not part of [RS] in any ways. I just think they're cool like most of the Clans at Gamespot/faqs except for you obviously. But I like the Pokemon, [NL] (play once against them in Archives and was HELL with all those proxies all over the place), SD, etc.

Now some facts:

Excuse 1) It was def a whooping but we did have a weak link which we plan on replacing soon.One question what is toobing? (Yep, a lvl 39 player that all of the sudden didn't know what NoobTube is. Benefit of the doubt I think).

Humble response from Coffee:

Good Games TMNT. Ive played a few of you before this battle. You guys must have had an off night. Thats not nice getting rid of your weak link. Train him

Excuse 2) Actually it was our weak link toobing. He is too busy to train we need to cut him and replace if we are gonna compete with u guys. Def was an off night but u guys play well together.


An interesting post:

leonardo78: Coffee any chance u can share some glitches with me thru private message? Also is ur team looking for any new members? My team seems to rarely be on anymore.


Why someone really wants to leave the glamorous TMNT clan?? Don't know. Well, thinking about it, I DO know.

Even when you guys were setting the War (RS vs TMNT); Leo, you put your cell phone # in a post (for all to see) and I (so freaking naive about your attitude and the way you are) suggested that it was better if you send it via PM, cause someone could do unwanted things with it. Kind of protecting your privacy. True or Not? I think yes because you removed it later :)

But then, all of the sudden, I pointed something out of one of the matches (NOT in a bad way) and you became uber defensive and arrogant with no way of accepting criticism at all. From that point on (no matter if the War was against with RS, Pokemon, NL, SD, among others) my attitude toward the TMNT Clan changed.

All because you guys don't know how to be humble and always run with your mouth full and for everything there's an excuse.

I accept I'm not the best player out there (I've never considered such) but for a lvl 27 and soon to be lvl 15 (LOL) Im pretty good at it. Only that I just don't keep saying how good I am and how I crushed some guys in X or Y match or night. Because there's a life beside GoldenEye. At least, I don't make those types of comments in public, unless Im joking with some friends.

I guess the community of Gamespot is thinking who really is the Garbage, after those interesting sexual none sense comments of the TMNT guys. Repressed desires? We'll never know.

Anyways, Good luck with the recruiting for the TMNT and TOP GUN clans! I'm sure there's people out there that wants to be part of your teams :D

User Info: maddoggy

6 years ago#48

@ Raphael, this is getting silly. Let's just bury the hatch and start all over(and swap FC's). Mine is 0565 9710 2896. I'm more of a team player and like to play team-based game modes but I don't mind playing conflict every now and then. Ever since I got my strata, I do not care about xp grinding anymore and now just play for fun (win or lose). If I sent you a party invite, are you cool with any game modes?

I know that you are itching to get in some clan wars. My advice is this: make some new friends on game spot and try to set up clan wars. I know for a fact that there are at least a few clans out there that are eager for some clan wars. There was a thread before that listed all of active clans on gamespot.

User Info: eureka13

6 years ago#49
@ Ralphy ... yup you cant read :) Quotation marks between that phase, using my DSi, maybe the site didnt recognise them ... regardless there must be some sort of weirdness before and after that quote, and Im sure most put two and two together. Not you :) No, and that is also very noticable in your past posts on this thread. I could read what you ment to say, but if I were thinking the the way you do, I would have suggested going back to school to learn to read and write :)
I was wondering, do you know how to burn people?? You seem to not respond really to anything I have said. You re-word my burn to you(last post) or just go off on all the things I do with other guys(all posts to me). You need to work off something someone has said to make it a burn, what your doing is what you would call an insult. They are very similar, but a burn takes more of an education to master, where as an insult, any illiterate moron can come up with :)
Anyway, like I said, keep your personal life out of it and we can continue to play ... if not this is my last post because you just cant compete with words ... stick to the game :)
@FG21 ... nicely said :)
@ :P ... your more of a man than me :)
Goldeneye FC....3478-2922-6828.....((RS)coffee)

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#50
Well They weren't bashing P so I guess he's entitled to FC whoever he wants...seems weird though P?? I personally am moving on and leaving you Turdles behind to try and clear the smoke from our battle. Good luck, not really, with your future. Play hard, have fun, snd most of all Leo quit rage quitting :)
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