&.AND vs iS* WAR [Planning Thread]

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User Info: Viruss57

5 years ago#1
Let's do this. &.AND is back in competitive action, fellas. Hackers gtfo and leave us alone, kay?

Note: We'd like to war iS* because they're a cool group of players, we had fun in our random heroes matches with them, plus we've gotten to know some of their players really well due to them stopping by our chat a lot (Funke and Smooth in particular). I do not know if any other clan wars against &.AND will be accepted.. depends on the clan to be honest. I'm pretty sure we're open to any clan for GOJIRA rules though (no bullets.. just t00bs, smoke, grenades, flash bangs, and melees). Keep in mind that GOJIRA managed to SWEEP Jmy's squad by a score of 5-0, which included a 41-39 comeback game-ending-double-toob victory.

We had a blast with our random encounter a couple nights ago.. very fun, clean, competitive matches. Randy suggested that we should get a war planned, so I started a discussion topic over on the &.AND boards. Pretty good response I'd say, though not everyone has responded. I assume Tabor, Max, and Drew will want to play since they've been playing a lot lately. We'll see I guess! We'll know for sure once we get a date set.

With that being said, hello iS*! Right now, &.AND is looking at a 38 cap in a Best of 7 or Best of 9 Team Conflict war. We will all be Skyping and calling out your locations, heh. We're hoping the lower cap will even out the playing field a bit since it should take some extra bullets to drop people. It seems like Ivana/Strata wars just make everything based on connection, so we're hoping to try something different. We can flip back and forth with hosting, though typically Tabor doesn't mind hosting at all. We don't have a finalized roster by any means, but here's my best guesses:

&.AND VS iS* ROOSTER (no particular order.. and no, that's not a typo.. rooster ftw):

&.Max Power
&.DoubleFist (hasn't played for a while, busy with the little one)
&.Minnesota (sub, lags bad at night)

&.Bunny might jump in as well, but she hasn't poasted in the topic yet. This will be the first time Merk and Max have warred for us. Drew has only played in one war for us I believe, so I'd love to see him getting into it too. We're certainly going to try to get some good practice in before going up against you guys.. it's been a while since we've had intense, competitive matches! I can't wait though, it should be pretty sweet if this goes down.

It's been a loooong time fellas! War records suck and are stupid, but &.AND currently stands at 12-4:


You guys in, iS*? We're thinking May 8th at 10:30EST if that works for you guys. Date can be adjusted of course.

Thanks guys, take care!
Wii &.Virus (Lv 56): 2741-3537-8788
PS3: [00] Viruss5700

User Info: voidecho1

5 years ago#2

Aldo no one gives a s*** about war records.
If I'm playing, I'm sure I'll be chatting here...

User Info: randyyedge

5 years ago#3
May 8th at 10:30EST. 38 cap. TC best of 7 sounds excellent. Region.(?)
Skype is completely fine with us, though we will not be Skyping since it cause some of us to lag.
Our roster:
iS*Loelia P.
iS*Mr. Snrub
iS*T. Funke

I'll rally up the troops!

EDIT:Team iS* doesn't give a damn about war records. We just want to have fun.
iS*randyedge fc: 4007-8307-8505

User Info: Viruss57

5 years ago#4
Hah, yep. Screw war records.

Can't wait, should be a fun night.
Wii &.Virus (Lv 56): 2741-3537-8788
PS3: [00] Viruss5700

User Info: smooth_27

5 years ago#5
Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iS*mooth: 3939-1793-7797 Shy Violet: 4416-2585-0072

User Info: BensBunny

5 years ago#6
Cool. Definitely down.
iS*Bunneh-4371.4215.5810 / [DS]Bunny-1307.9807.3997
www.youtube.com/user/deadsexybunny SUBSCRIBE! <3

User Info: BenitoGE

5 years ago#7
Sounds fun and tbh I love the lower cap. Helps to even out connections.

User Info: MERKOZ

5 years ago#8

Hey iS* guys, I've been playing with many of you since I joined Gamefaqs and couldn't ask for a better clan to have a clean, fun war with. Looking forward to it.
FC 4984-1768-7852 &.MERKOZ Lvl 56 (Earned The Hard Way)

User Info: litho347

5 years ago#9
awesome. can't add much to what's already been said. i've had lots of respect for & since i first started running into them back early/mid last year.

sounds fun. now time for me to look up what the hell is available at 38.
goldeneye screen name: iS* Mr. Snrub

User Info: smooth_27

5 years ago#10
So we are all friends here right?? I think we should make it interesting then. Like maybe the after the war we all wear a new clan tag for say, one week. If iS* wins the war we should all wear iS*>&. Or if & wins then everyone wears &>iS* The new tag would be the same for all members of BOTH clans, depending on who the winner is. We all have fairly short names so we could squeeze in a couple more characters and be fine.

What do you guys think??
iS*mooth: 3939-1793-7797 Shy Violet: 4416-2585-0072
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