I have joined the S2 clan

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User Info: piedrollar

5 years ago#11
jabba87 posted...
I fear nothing. Didnt i five dom u with tubes the other day.

t(-.-t) loko 4680 3665 6278

User Info: Megaloshi

5 years ago#12
Tomahawk Man / Mega Man Clan

User Info: Johnny_Utah_

5 years ago#13
NICE! Welcome aboard dank! Now this means i'm not the newest member of S2 anymore either. :)
The easiest kill you'll get in GE.
"I don't care! You gotta go down! It's gotta be that way!"

User Info: shakenstirred

5 years ago#14
Ya Jabba u did.

So, Y u hack?
Hope this is not Chris' blood! -Barry Burton
Goldeneye 007 FC: Dankfinger (Kill all Robot Masters): 2666-2778-2846
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