Friends anyone?

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User Info: shanonjd

5 years ago#11
can you friend me my fc is437963564398

User Info: Klams_acc

5 years ago#12
conorgoldeneye posted...
Klams_acc posted...
GGs today...may I ask where the DW tag is from? And I'll add you, pm me for FC

DW is from my friends iS Matty and Stereo. we made a clan. lol errr.... not sure what it means :/ 0795 7225 9051

I know, me and stereo made that and t died a week after quite along time ago, it meant Dirty Workers, I revered you were in it and I just wanted to make sure you knew
~ Clanless-Klams ~

User Info: titoDiaz

5 years ago#13
Swirlz posted...
sure, I'll add you. and unlike some silly kids, feel free to masterton me and whatnot.

Ikr I can't believe people still cry about proxies and masty

User Info: arisgodofwar

5 years ago#14
i wil add u!


User Info: conorgoldeneye

4 years ago#15
Conor [DW] GE 0795-7225-9051 HR 56

User Info: redfoxx12

4 years ago#16
add me on my alt account. PM me if you are going to, or have added, my main account because i dont know if my main will allow anymore friends on my FL.
main GE acc fc: 5122-0415-8327 [iS]0v3rL0rd/ 5022-5931-1360 alt acc [iS]0v3rTaKe
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